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Stock Market Closing Report - 4/26/18 April 26, 2018

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stock Futures 11/05/08 - Dow Jones Futures

The stock market futures are slightly lower tonight for 11/05/08. The Dow Jones Futures are down 25, S&P 500 Futures down 3.3, and the Nasdaq Futures down 3.75.

The Nikkei stock market is up 257 to 9371.

These futures can change fast, especially with the election playing out tonight.

Dryships ( DRYS ) Technical Analysis November 2008

The following report is technical analysis on Dryships ( DRYS ):

Dryships Drys is showing signs of a turnaround although we are in the early stages. DRYS closed over the 10 day moving average for three straight days today, the most since it traded between $65-$80 per share. Right now we have major resistance between $24-$26 per soon as we break $26 I am getting long because this will show me that buyers are willing to " pay up " to own drys. You would also get short covering since a key resistance level has been broken. Also, pullbacks to $18 could be bought but use a tight stop at the 10 day moving average. Drys sank like a rock over the past 3 months, so if you do get that close over $26, there are huge gaps at $30-$38 & $39-$54....the upside could be huge!

Dow Jones Close 11/04/08 - Stock Market Closing Prices, Oil, Natural Gas

Stock Market Closing Prices - 11/04/08

Dow Jones Industrial Average ( DJIA ) Close - 9625.28 Up 305
Nasdaq Stock Market Close - 1780 UP 54
S&P 500 Close - 1006 Up 39

Libor Rates - 11/04/08

1 Month - 2.18%
3 Month - 2.71%

Commodities Closing Prices - 11/04/08

Gold- 766
Oil- 69.95
Natural Gas- 7.25

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 9625 on 11/04/08, as a relief rally swept through the stock market in anticipation that Barack Obama will win the election. The stock market is going up today because of certainty versus going down because of uncertainty which we had for all of October. The Stock Market Futures were up big this morning, The Dow Jones futures were actually up 230 points at one point with Libor Rates falling for the 7th straight day. The Dow Jones hit a high of 9633 today and traded above 9600 several times, but at 2pm est this all changed. The stock markets began to sell off, halving their gains by 3pm est before bouncing all the way back near the close. Everyday we get attempts to sell off the market in the last half hour only to bounce back near the close. Today at the close, we broke back up through 9633. This latest rally is strong! Oil and Natural Gas prices soared today & Jim Cramer gave a few stock picks at the end of the day today.

Stocks To Watch - Hot Stocks

Biggest Stock Gainers Today - 11/04/08

CIT Group ( CIT ) - CIT group was one of the hottest stocks for most of today

MasterCard ( MA ) & Visa ( V ) have been on fire all day...these two were stocks we mentioned this morning in our pre market trading report. Jim Cramer endorsed them later in the day. The volume is actually coming back to these two stocks which is very positive going forward!

Solar Stocks - First Solar ( FSLR ), Evergreen Solar ( ESLR ), Solarfun ( SOLF ), Energy Conversion Devices ( ENER ) have been hot all day with anticipation Barack Obama will win. Be careful with these stocks though, this looks like typical buy the rumor sell the news, some of these stocks are up 50% in a week and they have been predicting Obama to win for months now.

Hartford Financial ( HIG ) & Las Vegas Sands ( LVS ) have cooled down finally, they have been really weak at the end of the day today. I would only buy these two if they break through the highs of day from here on out. ( BIDU ) has broken some resistance and has gone up 15% today, keep an eye on this stock!

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Jim Cramer 11/04/08 CNBC - Mastercard MA, XOM

Jim Cramer came on CNBC this afternoon, 11/04/08, and said MasterCard MA will go to $180 within 48 hours. He says earnings were good, he preferred Visa ( V ), but is coming back to MasterCard ( MA ).

Exxon Mobile ( XOM ) - Obama does not like how much XOM earns...I would sell XOM and the OIH. You can go long the Ethanol stocks however Jim says.

Oil and Natural Gas Prices Up 11/04/08

Today, 11/04/08, Oil and Natural Gas prices are rising with the stock market. At 11:45est time, the price of Oil is up $5.35 to $69.25 and the price of Natural Gas is surging .44 to $7.28. This is the first time natural gas has traded above $7 for some time now. As you probably know, in July 2008 Oil was over $140 per barrel and Natural Gas was around $14. This caused a huge shale drilling boom in the United States and Canada. People in Louisiana and East Texas were striking it rich with the Haynesville Shale. People in Pennsylvania were striking it rich with the Marcellus Shale. People in North Dakota were striking it rich with the Bakken Shale.

Could this finally be the turn up in energy prices? If the stock market continues to surge, look for energy prices to follow. The companies drilling each of these shale plays will see their stock prices run back up. You can get a full list of companies drilling at each of the shale fields on my other website,

Some of the stocks that I like:

XTO Energy XTO
Chesapeake Energy CHK
Continental Resources CLR
Anadarko Petroleum APC
Petrohawk Energy HK

Dow Jones Open 11/04/08 - Stock Market Report

The Dow Jones and Stock Market opened today 11/04/08 significantly higher then yesterdays close. On the day of the Presidential Election, the Dow Jones opened at 9500, up about 180 points. The S&P 500 was up 20 to 986, and the Nasdaq was up 25 to 1751. Why is the stock market up today? I think it has to do with Libor Rates being down today again today, and that we are just having a relief rally in the stock market. Wall Street hates uncertainty and the market has an Obama victory already priced in. It is looking almost certain that he will win tonight. Here is Art Cashin's views on the stock market and the election.

Biggest Stock Gainers Today - 11/04/08

CIT Group ( CIT ) - CIT is one of the biggest gainers today because the company made a deal with Wells Fargo ( WFC ) where CIT will have a new $500 Million line of credit. This is big news for CIT group!

Stem Cell Stocks: The Stem Cell Stocks, ASTM, STEM, GERN are worth watching today after yesterdays big day. I tlikeSTEM out of the three due to the volume and recent positive news. Stem came out with earnings this morning and reported a better then expected loss per share. A break above $2.28 and the next resistance is $2.53. I only like Stem if it breaks $2.28. Support is still at $2. Watch these levels closely.

Other Stocks to Watch - HIG, LVS, ABK, V, MA, PDO

As always, be sure to check my blog for the latest stock market updates

1 and 3 Month Libor Rates 11/04/08 - Today's Libor Rates

It seems as though everyone is watching Libor rates these days. Today's Libor Rates for 11/04/08, are: 1 Month Libor Rate - 2.18% & 3 Month Libor Rate - 2.71%. The overnight Libor rate is 0.38%. Libor rates have sunk for the past week, especially after Bill Gross came on CNBC Monday and predicted Libor to fall! These Libor Rates have fallen for 7 straight days and look at what the stock market has done since Libor started falling. Up big! Click here to view yesterdays Libor rates.

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Dow Futures 11/04/08 - Stock Market Report

11/04/08 Pre Market Trading Report:

Today, November 4th, 2008, the Dow Futures and Stock Market's are set to jump higher as we get set to pick the next President today at the voting polls. On the morning of the Election, the Dow Jones Futures are surging 220 points, the S&P 500 is set to open 23 points higher, and the Nasdaq is up 32.50 points on the morning of 11/04. Libor Rates fell for the 6th straight session yesterday and there are more signs coming out that the credit markets are finally thawing. Don't forget Art Cashin's S&P 500 targets to watch.

Asian Markets - European Markets 11/04/08

Japan's Nikkei, spiked 537 points, or 6.3 percent, to 9,114.60 after being closed Monday. The FTSE 100 index was 0.49 points, or 0.01 percent, higher at 4,443.77, while Germany's DAX was up 21.59 points, or 0.4 percent, at 5,048.43. France's CAC-40 was 23.82 points, or 0.7 percent, higher at 3,551.79.

Stocks to Watch today: 11/04/08

I will be watching Hartford Financial ( HIG) as this stock has major momentum and volume, Las Vegas Sands ( LVS ) for any dip or strength. LVS has solid support at $12 so any breakdown through this would be bearish.

MasterCard ( MA ) - MasterCard came out with great earnings last night and the stock has traded into the mid $150's in after hours last night. This took Visa ( V ) up with it. Watch these two stocks.

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