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Stock Market Closing Report - 5/23/18 May 23, 2018

Friday, August 29, 2008

BIDU - stock analysis 8/29/08 - BIDU technical analysis stock chart 8/29/08

BIDU has continued to report blow out earnings and the company expects to start recording revenue by the end of 2008. $300 is your major support level here...a close below this and I will be getting out and waiting. $330 is resistance from the high this week, followed by $343.97 and $353.37. Once $330 is closed above, I think $300 will hold going forward into the end of the year. Bidu has the potential to have a huge breakout period into 2009. Watch $330 and $300 closely!!

AAPL - Apple Stock Analysis 8/29/08 - AAPL technical analysis August 29th, 2008

Apple (AAPL) in the short term has support at $171.81 and the $170 level. What your really looking for is a close over two key resistance points of $180.45 and the $183 level....if these levels can be could see $190's quickly as traders pile in on the long side. A close above $193 would start a new uptrend and new highs would be ahead. Pullbacks to the 200 day moving average should be bought!

Visa ( V ) Analysis 8/29/08 - Visa ( V ) Technical Analysis - Visa Stock 8/29/08

Visa ( V ) has been looking strong has closed above the 50 Day Moving Average for the first time since late June. Is the V downtrend over? I'd like to see a close above the two resistance points $76.53 and $78.79 before this is confirmed. If the downtrend is broken, you could see a run back to $85 very quickly, which there is MAJOR resistance. Pullbacks below $70 should now be bought, a close over $90 would be very bullish.

Things are looking up for the Visa ( V ) Stock Chart!

ABK, MBI analysis 8/29/08 - Ambac, MBIA support and resistance 8/28/08

ABK and MBI are looking a little weak in pre market today thanks to the lower futures by Dell Computer. Dell completely below it last night missing by .05 cents per share.

Ambac and MBIA went up 35-40% yesterday so some profit taking is expected.

Support and Resistance Levels ( ABK ) & ( MBI )

MBIA - MBI has support around $15.50 - $15.70 area.....a break below this with some volume and $15 would be tested and possibly $14.40's could be tested....this was a solid support level 8/28/08. A close below $14.40 and you will need to bail....this would be a breakdown of the 8/28/08 trading action. Resistance will be yesterdays high of $16.29 and the close of $16.15.

Ambac - ABK has minor support in the $7.10-$7.16 area, then support at around $6.90. Ambac went straight up yesterday from about $6.05 to $6.40....then paused for a half hour, followed by the explosion to $6.90. Resistance will be yesterdays high of $7.58 and the close of $7.42.

Hope this helps!!