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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Earnings: 7/21 Apple AAPL CME

Next week is going to be a very busy earnings week. The drug make Merck kicks things off early Monday morning with expected earnings to be .83 cents per share.

Apple Computer also reports after the bell Monday....estimates are for AAPL for report $1.08 per share. I'm thinking they should come in at around $1.15. Anything less then this for me is a big disappointment. If Apple would miss $1.08, you would see it trade quickly into the $150's. Just look what they did to Google ( GOOG ). Google came in with $4.63 vs $4.74. This is equivalent to a company coming in with earnings of $1.54 when $1.58 was expected. It is very cut throat out there right now, especially with " safe haven " technology stocks. The market will kill a stock when they miss.

Moving on.......

One stock to watch Tuesday morning is CME Group( CME ). This stock has gotten absolutely obliterated over the past six months due to the government wanting to step in and regular the commodities exchanges. ICE is another one that is taking a beating because of this. If they report a solid number....look for this stock to move up in a big way. Analysts are looking for .43 cents per share on CME Group

More 7/22 Earnings - VMW, YHOO, ISRG

Tuesday 7/23 Earnings - Watch, one of my favorite Internet companies for the future. Expecting .96 cents per share. BIDU trades at a VERY high premium but you are paying for growth. In this type of market, if a company like this down not beat earnings every quarter the market will kill it. Look at what they did to MELI over the past two months. Watch BIDU closely.

Also, AMZN reports earnings.