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Thursday, September 4, 2008

9-4-08 Biggest Stock Gainers - Largest Stock Gainers for Sep 4th, 2008

Todays Stock Gainers

9/05/08 Biggest Gainers

TGIC $3.12 +50.00%
PTN $.27 +50.00%
RAMR $2.72 +35.32%
GBE $4.46 +28.53%
CAPA $4.69 +25.40%
GNLB $.57 +23.91%
LTXC $2.15 +17.49%
CHNL $.42 +16.67%
GGC $4.26 +15.14%
HAYZ $2.95 +13.03%
CRTX $.25 +12.36%
PCYC $2.12 +11.58%
SCA $2.63 +11.44%
PSS $17.41 +11.39%
CHCI $.81 +10.96%
PARS $.265 +10.42%

Stock Gainers 9/04/08 - Hot Stocks for Thursday

The following stock ticker symbols are the biggest gainers in the stock market today and this afternoon on 9-4-08:

9/04/08 Afternoon Movers


Dow Jones 11,291 Support Level Hit 9-4-08

Hey, look where we are, right at previous support 11,291. I just blogged about this level this morning. For traders....this could be a nice bounce off level. The selling has been plentiful this morning so its tough to say where we will close. But given we were just at 11,790 on Tuesday...we have fallen 500 points in days...this might be a good place to look for a bounce.

to be continued...........

Stock Gainers 9/4/08 - Thursday's Hot Stocks - Stock on the Move

Here is a list of 9/04/08 Hot Stocks - Breakout Stocks this morning: Great for Trading!

9/04/08 Morning Movers


Dow Jones Analysis 9-4-08 - Dow Jones Industrial Average Technical Analysis

Dow Technical Analysis 9-04-08:

The Dow Jones is trending right along with the 10 day moving average. Monday we put in a short term top at 11,790.17 and failed to break out past the August high of 11,867.11. These are two points for the Dow Jones that you will want to mark down. As soon as we close over 11,790, we will most likely test the next level of 11867. A close over this, and I strongly believe we will go back to test the Dows 200 day moving average which is currently at 12,346. This to me will be a sign that the July 15th lows have held and we will start to recover.

What longs do not want to see regarding the Dow Jones:

A break below 11,400 has always been concerning. I don't think another retest under 11,400 will have a good impact on the markets. A close below 11,290 and we will most likely retest 11,000 and below.

Dow Jones Resistance: 11,790 & 11867
Dow Jones Support: 11,400 & 11,290

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