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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Stocks to Watch Monday - December 9, 2013

My list of stocks to watch on Monday, December 9, 2013

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Tesla (TSLA) - TSLA continues to trade in a tight range but dropped back to $137 on Friday.  I'm looking to buy back the stock I sold on the next dip.

BORN & VISN - These two hot Chinese stocks are at it again.  A few months ago these two stocks went parabolic before seeing a correction.  On Friday, money was pouring back into both.  I'm not sure if they can gain the same momentum but they are worth watching.


Earnings December 9, 2013 - In the stock picks group, we will be watching key earnings on Monday.  PVH Corp (PVH) & Pep Boys (PBY) will be a releasing critical stock moving earnings reports after the close.  If I like what I see, I will be buying for sure.  Full List of Top Earnings.....

For more hot stocks to watch, sign up and join my trading group, stock picks group.  I send out a daily pre market email and identify stocks to watch and what I'm buying and selling each day.  We also trade stocks off earnings reports and hot IPO's.

Mortgage Rates 12/7/13 December 7, 2013

By Tim - - @stockstobuy -

Home Mortgage Interest Rates - December 7, 2013

Interest rates have been rising in December 2013. Below is list of Today's Mortgage Rates from Wells Fargo.

Loan Type - Interest Rate - APR - 12/7/13

30-Year Fixed 4.750% 4.837%
30-Year Fixed FHA 4.625% 6.217%
15-Year Fixed 3.875% 4.023%
5-Year ARM 3.625% 3.216%
5-Year ARM FHA 3.250% 3.968%

Jumbo Loan Rates - APR - 12/7/13

30-Year Fixed 4.500% 4.528%
5-Year ARM 2.875% 2.901%

Past Rates - Click Here

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Bitcoin Price - 12/7/13 December 7, 2013

Bitcoin Price - 12/7/13 December 7, 2013

The price of Bitcoin continues crash on Saturday.  Bitcoin dropped from $950 to $580 in the past 12 hours but has since rebounded back to $750.  Since the high around $1250, Bitcoin has been down 55% in a few days at one point.  The volume really spiked yesterday when everyone was selling between $850-$900.

Bitcoin is an open sourced peer to peer digital currency that is popular with drug deals because most people say it cannot be traced.  Recently, speculators have been buying Bitcoin with the hope to strike it rich.  There is no telling yet if this thing is for real or will turn out to be a fad like rare earth metal stocks were.

Reporting live from Mt Gox, I'm Tim. Stay classy Bitcoiniacs.

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