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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bidu - : I bought BIDU and GOOG 8/20

Yesterday I made some purchases......BIDU at $304 and GOOG at $490.......I took profits in the past two day in XTO, CHK, CLR. They will most likely continue going up with Oil but I wanted to regroup and take profits. If they dip at all, I will be back in!

I bought BIDU because the company is growing very fast and it continues to blowout quarterly earnings. Baidu revealed they are taking even more market share from competitors in China. only trades at 45 times 2009 earnings which is cheap compared to how fast it is growing. If you missed the Google ( GOOG ) IPO, here is your chance!

I bought GOOG because this is the time of the year you want to be in the stock. You accumulate in the summer sell in December. Google under $500 has always been a steal!

Keep in mind, I have taken half positions on both....if we get dips, I will continue to add.

These are my two stocks for the rest of the year....the Garmin had to go the second they said Nuvifone was delayed. I will look at Garmin ( GRMN ) again in the future.

CNBC Fast Money Recap 8/21/08 - Fast money Stock Picks August 21st, 2008 - Jeff Mackie, Guy Adami, Joe Terranova on Oil, John Najarian

During the Olympics, Fast Money does a half hour show on CNBC at 1:00pm est.

For past episodes, click here

Fast Money Stock Picks 8/21/08

Jeff Mackie
USO: I wouldn't chase it here

Guy Adami
Take some money off the table....but I think it still has upside
US Steel X : This is sell the rally have to sell

Joe Terranova
Speculators sold this market short under $120 and this is a short squeeze.
USO: I'm letting this ride...need to get above $122 for oil and the run continues.
US Steel X: It should be up, but its not...i'm thinking about selling it
FCX: I am playing copper with going long Freeport FCX

John Najarian
USO: I would be taking money off the table
XLY: We are short the XLY...this is shorting the consumer
Joy Global JOYG: We are long this stock
RIMM: Could be setting up to really break out here
Coal Stocks: UBS upgrading a lot of coal names today....MEE, BTU

Find out which companies are drilling the USA Natural Gas Shales:

8/21/08 Hot Stocks - CHK, XTO, CLR, PDO - Oil Natural Gas Stocks

Today Oil is surging near $120 a barrel yet again. This is due to the USA and Poland getting together for a missle defense deal. Targeted at the distubance in Russia, this has people worried, hence, driving up oil prices.

The Energy Sector is back in play.

XTO Energy ( XTO )
Pyramid Oil ( PDO )
Chesapeake Energy ( CHK )
Continental Resources ( CLR )

I you want to play oil, play these stocks for bigger gains