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Stock Market Closing Report - 6/4/18 June 4, 2018

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

( MS ) Morgan Stanley Earnings Suprise!! 9/16/08

Morgan Stanley ( MS ) preannounces earnings tonight and they look awesome!

MS reports $1.32 EPS on Revenue of 8 Billion beating Wall Street estimates by a mile!

MS stock afterhours is trading at $31.75 up 5% from the close.

Stock Market Futures are surging but as you know, this can all change in a second in this stock market!

No Rate Cut 9/16 - Fed Doesn't cut Interest Rates 9/16/08

Today the Fed left interest rates at 2.0% by not cutting rates. The Market is going down because of this news. The Dow has fallen 100 points because of this news as many people expected a rate cut today. The Dow is 10,819 - Nasdaq 2157 - S&P 1178

AIG - Private Sector Deal DEAD - Goverment now?

CNBC is reporting that the Government is looking at AIG again for a bailout.....and David Faber just received a phone call from a source saying a private sector bailout out is DEAD. This would mean if the above it true, AIG goes bankrupt...or the Government bails AIG out.

Internet Stocks are very strong today.....GOOG and AMZN to name a few.

AIG- Government Bailout 9/16 - AIG Bailout News

CNBC Charlie Gasparino is reporting that Government money is now back on the table for a bailout of AIG. Nothing is official yet but this news has rallied AIG stock and the markets...the Dow was down 55 now up 77.

AIG could get bailed out now by Government.

ESLR Evergreen Solar & LEH Lehman Brothers - ESLR down because of loan to LEH 9/16/08

Over the past week, links to Lehman Brothers will surface and companies will be forced to take hits because of it. This is what happens when a well established investment firm goes down the tubes like Lehman Brothers ( LEH ). This time, its effecting Evergreen Solar ( ESLR ).

Lehman underwrote a deal for Evergreen in July pricing $325 million of 4 percent senior notes due 2013. As part of the transaction, Evergreen agreed to lend Lehman 30.9 million shares for hedging transactions for up to five years.
Investor doubts about the fate of the loan sent Evergreen shares down $1.74 to $4.56 in Monday trading. The stock is now down 64 percent since the start of 2008. ESLR is down another .60 cents in pre market today 9/16 to $3.96 per share.

AIG Stock Down in Pre Market - CNBC 9/16/08

Governor Patterson was on CNBC this morning and he said " I think AIG has only a day." AIG hit a low in Pre Market this morning of $2.81 per share. It is now bouncing to around $3.45 as stock market futures improve a bit.

All eyes are on the Fed decision at 2:15pm this afternoon....and just as I right this, the FED has just injected 90 Billion of liquidity into the market.

AIG was scheduled to again have meetings at the New York all eyes will be glued to this situation.