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Thursday, July 24, 2008

XTO Energy - Chesapeake Energy CHK Stocks

Ok, so yesterday I wrote about how I went long on CHK and XTO....turns out I was 24 hours to early on a 10 day bear raid. I managed to add to my positions this morning. I feel money will soon be rotating back into Oil and Natural Gas as markets do not go straight down without a bounce or at least a short covering rally. I'm not sure who was selling below $47 but that is incredible how these stocks got so low.

Someone could pay $55 a share for each company on a buyout and get exposure to all the major shale plays in the United States. For only 26 Billion each. This stocks to me are very undervalued now.

If you think Natural Gas prices are going to $6-7 then you probably don't want to buy these two stocks.