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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome - New Browser from Google!

Google came out yesterday and said they will release a new web broswer today, Google Chrome.

Google Inc. plans to introduce an Internet browser today, challenging Microsoft Corp.'s dominant Internet Explorer and expanding the rivalry between the two Internet heavyweights.

The new browser, called Google Chrome, aims to reduce the frequency of crashed Web pages due to software errors, add extra protection against malicious sites that spread online viruses and be more compatible with the latest software used on Web pages, according to the company.
Google's browser is open source, meaning Internet users are invited to add to the underlying software code to improve its performance and expand its capabilities.

A test version of the free browser will be available for download sometime this afternoon at

Youtube like service for businesses

Google Inc. (GOOG) is launching a service that will allow its business software subscribers to view and share video clips in the same way that consumers use the company's popular YouTube site.
The Mountain View, Calif.-based Internet company said Google's video-for-business service will enable anyone to upload employee-generated videos, from executive communications to product training clips and trip reports, and share them securely with individuals or their entire company.
The new video service will be available to subscribers of Google Apps Premier Edition software - which includes online messaging, word processing, spreadsheet and security applications - and marks the company's latest attempt to woo customers away from Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) office software.

9/02/08 Pre Market Gainers - Hot Stocks - Breakout stocks

This morning Oil is down at $108 breaking all support levels. As a result, the market futures are surging and airline stocks are flying.

Here is a list of stocks breaking out 9/02/08. These stocks will be hot today!