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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Barnett Shale: Exxon ( XOM ) sells to ( CHK ) Chesapeake Energy - 10/01/08

Harding Energy Partners said Wednesday it acquired the core Barnett Shale assets of DDJet, a joint venture whose owners included Exxon Mobil Corp., and sold them to Chesapeake Energy for an undisclosed price

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Apple Shutting Itunes Store in USA?

LONDON (Dow Jones)--Apple Inc. (AAPL) says it may close its online iTunes store in the U.S. if royalty rates are increased, the BBC reports on its Web site.

The U.S. Copyright Royalty Board meets Thursday to rule on a requested 66% increase for sales of digital music, pushing artist royalties up to 15 cents from 9 cents a song.
Apple tells the BBC is it unwilling to increase its 99 cents a song pricing policy or absorb a royalty rise.

"Apple has repeatedly made clear that it is in this business to make money, and would most likely not continue to operate iTS if it were no longer possible to do so profitably," Vice President for iTunes Eddy Cue said.

Dryships ( DRYS ) Stock Bottomed? - 10/1/08 - Time to buy Drys?

Drys stock have reversed 10% in an hour and a half going from $33.03 to $36.48......looks like a bottom to me. Dryships ( DRYS ) has been absolutely crushed over the past month and an explosion back to $45 could be on thew horizon.

Also, Potash ( POT ) is looking incredibly attractive under $130 today.

Senate is going to vote on the rescue plan tonight so stay tuned!

10/01 Stock Gainers - Pre Market, Morning Stock Market Hot Stocks

The following is a list of stocks that are set to become big gainers when the stock market opens this morning on 10/1/08.