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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10/23/08 Dow Futures - Stock Market Futures

How will the stock market open on Thursday, 10/23/08?

Stock Market Futures:

Dow Futures are up 60 points tonight
Nasdaq Futures are up 10 points
S&P 500 Futures are up 9 points

Asian Markets getting hammered once again so this could change by the time we wake up in the morning. Stay Tuned........

10/22/08 Biggest Gainers - Blockbuster ( BBI ) Dollar Thrifty Auto ( DTG )

Two of the biggest stock market gainers today, October 22nd, 2008 - were Blockbuster ( BBI ) and Dollar Thrifty Auto ( DTG )

Blockbuster BBI came out with news right before the close that they reaffirm earnings guidance for Q3 and full year 2008. BBI shot up 11% to close at $1.32 on the nyse.

Dollar Thrifty Auto DTG was the hottest stock today in the stock market shooting up 149% to close at $1.92 on the nyse. Dollar Thrifty expects to earn a 3rd quarter profit and updated investors on its Liquidity.

These will be two stock to day trade on 10/23/08 so keep them on your watchlists.

For a full list of the top gainers for 10/22/08 - visit:

Dow Jones Close 10/22/08 - Dow Jones Analysis - Vix

The Dow Jones Industrial Average took a beating today, 10/22/08, closing at 8520, down 513 points. It is important to note that todays sell-off didn't really have anything to do with the credit markets but rather a lack of buyers and redemptions from hegde funds and mutual funds. Funds are still being forced to liquidate their holdings in order to raise cash. There are also fears of how bad this recession will be.

Dow Jones Technical Analysis:

The Dow Jones DJIA broke a key technical support level of 8700 today after a big fight earlier in the day. The fact that we broke this key support level will bring additional selling pressure from technical traders. Meanwhile...if we take out 8700 on the upside we will move a lot higher. Your next levels are 8,000 and the intrday low of 7773 we hit on Friday October 10th.

Volatility Index ( VIX )

The Vix spiked again today hitting over 72 at one point....can you believe the VIX is higher then the price of Oil? I can't!! Watch this Vix closely as we topped out at around 78 last week...after several calm days the volatility seems to be coming back.

Earnings I will be Watching Tonight: ( AMZN ) ( BIDU )

Stock Market 10/22/08 - Pre Market Trading - Nikkei, Asian Markets Fall

Wednesday, 10/22/08 - Dow Jones closed at 9033 on 10/21/08

Today the stock market is set to open a lot lower thanks to the fall of the Asian markets overnight. The Dow Jones futures are looking down 230 points in pre market. Nasdaq futures are looking down 20.

Overnight, Asian markets fell sharply lower Wednesday, with Tokyo's Nikkei index tumbling nearly 7 percent, amid spreading pessimism over corporate earnings outlooks in the U.S. and at home. European markets also opened lower.
As credit markets show signs of improving, investors are turning their attention to dismal forecasts from major U.S. companies and Japanese media reports of disappointing sales and profit results — fears of a global recession are again here.

Stock to Watch 10/22/08

Apple ( AAPL ) - Apple came out with earnings last night and reported $1.26 per share vs $1.11 expected. Mac sales were a little light but the company sold around 6.8 million iphones for the astonishing amount!! Looks like Apple will hit the 10 million iphone target everyone was worried about when the stock was at $160. After running to $104 in afterhours last night... Apple is set to open up pre market at $98.50. Please note, Guidance was horrible....probably the worst guidance i've seen Apple give since 2004.

VMware ( VMW ) - VMware reported better then expected earnings and that stock is set to open pre market at $21.50...this after trading around $23 last night. Keep an eye on that stock today.

SanDisk ( SNDK ) - Samsung is dropping their 5.9 billion dollar bid for Sandisk citing weak market conditions.

Boeing ( B ) just came out with earnings... .96eps vs .98eps
Merck ( MRK ) just came out with earnings.... .30eps vs .29eps

There are key earnings coming out tonight...visit -