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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hot Stocks - 8/19/08 Biggest Stock Gainers - CLR, HYGS, PDO - Nasdaq, nyse

Todays Hot Stocks - Nasdaq, NYSE - Stock Gainers in the Stock Market

8/19/08 Biggest Gainers

NBF $.37 +23.33%
DNE $1.00 +17.65%
HYGS $1.34 +16.52%
GNLB $.50 +16.28%
PDO $13.75 +15.74%
THK $.50 +13.64%
EEE $1.82 +13.04%
NMGC $.39 +11.43%
WCG $42.28 +10.56%
CSUN $9.97 +10.17%
DSUP $2.53 +10.00%
GDP $51.05 +9.95%
CRK $60.15 +9.62%
CLR $47.55 +9.21%

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CNBC Fast Money Recap 8/19/08 August 19th - Lehman ( LEH ) Jeff Mackie, Pete Najarian, Joe Terranova, Karen Finnerman

Fast Money Stock Picks 8/19/08

Jeff Mackie

Financials: There is no reason to be long financials right now except for a trade
Leh Lehman: They will have to raise money again and its going to be bad for the stock
Oil: Just a bounce back rally today
Cosco: I took the opportunity to sell today

Joe Terranova

AIG - LEH: Today its AIG and Lehman causing problems....bought some AIG puts to protect myself
Oil: If oil trades below $100 opec will cut production
HD - Home Depot: A close below the below the 200 day moving average, you will want to get out of this stock

Zack Karabell

Lehman LEH: Lehman has problems today

Pete Najarian

LEH: Lehman is the story of the day...the stock has come from the $17's to the $13's. At some point its the right time to buy, but not right now.
AIG: Very high risk trade right nowOIH: If this stock goes below $180 keep an eye on it!

Karen Finnerman: I am focusing on the financials...FRE Freddie Mac raising capital today..very expensive paper! Credit spreads are widening...above the March highs and there isn't even panic. Looking to short more of the banks!

Apple ( AAPL ) Chart: Technical Analysis of Apple ( AAPL ) August 19th, 2008

This morning I have updated my Apple ( AAPL ) technical analysis stock chart. Apple has had a nice run....back up close to the resistance levels of $183. Apple ( AAPL ) has strong support at the 200 day moving average.

Pre Market Stocks to Watch - 8/19/08 August 19th, 2008 Stock Market

This morning we had some hot economic data which is causing the futures to slide a bit. Oil has retraced to about the $112 level. A break below $110 for Oil would be very bearish and you could see $105-$106 next.

Target (TGT ) has come out with better then expected earnings this morning but is trading lower with the market.

Wellcare Healthplans ( WCG ) has settled with Medicaid resulting in a 32.5 million dollar payment....WCG is up 18% in pre market trading. Keep an eye on this one.

Xinhua Finance Media ( XFML ) will be a very active stock today....the company is out with great earnings....up 22% with revenue being up 69%. The stock is trading up 14% in pre market.

Take a look at my technical charts section as I will be updating these throughout the day!

Earnings to watch this week, Dryships ( DRYS )