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Sunday, October 19, 2008

First Solar ( FSLR ) Technical Analysis - FSLR Stock Analysis

The following is technical analysis for the stock First Solar ( FSLR ) for 10/20/08.

Support and Resistance Levels - FSLR

First Solar FSLR stock has shown signs of recovering lately as it has trended over its 10 day moving average for several trading days now. This is a positive sign. FSLR has support around the $102.50 and 100.00 level. First Solar also has resistance around the $150 level as well as $160 area. I'd be very bullish on a close over $160. On the downside, the stock is trending well below the 50 and 200 day moving averages.

Earnings will be a key catalyst as to where this stock heads next. FSLR earnings are expected 10/29/08.

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ENER Analysis - Energy Conversion Devices Stock Technical Analysis

The following is Technical Analysis for Energy Conversion Devices ( ENER ) issued on 10/19/08.

Support and Resistance Levels - Energy Conversion Devices ( ENER )

Energy Conversion Devices ( ENER ) is a broken stock right now until is starts closing over moving averages such as the 10, 50, and 200 Day. Ener has support at around $34 and $29.00. Resistance is at $46.40, $49 and $50.

Remember when ENER first popped on its first quarter of reporting earnings in history back in May? ENER opened up around $42....his $41...and then took off to hit a high of $48. Also bouncing off $46.40 several times before breaking $50. A close over $50 again would be a very bullish indicator and in my opinion ENER would be back in play.

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