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Monday, July 21, 2008

Apple AAPL Earnings Steve Jobs

Where was Steve jobs on the Conference Call? Hes never really on a conference call....but an analyst asked if there was anything wrong with Steve Jobs health and the CFO said Steve Jobs health is a private matter.

A private matter? He is the face of the company.....he is the Warren Buffet of Apple.

Apple stock is plunging afterhours to $148. I have in my technical chart from the weekend that there is support at $145......but given the plunge....I'm waiting this one out!

7/21 Pre Market Stock Gainers, DNA, FNM, FRE, ABK

This morning the Pre Market Gainers in the Stock Market are going to be:

DNA is getting a buyout offer, Bank of America reported better then expected earnings, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are going up in sympathy to B of A.

Other Pre Market News.... Carl Ichan has been accepted to the Yahoo( YHOO ) board.

Roche buying DNA Genentech

Roche has offered to buy the rest of Genentech DNA for 43.7 Billion dollars. As you might know already, Roche already owns a 55.9 percent stake in DNA.

The Swiss drug maker Roche is offering $89 per share for the remaining DNA shares.

Genentech is trading above $96 in pre market so far this morning so it looks like their could be a taken over battle here. The market is pricing in a higher takeover price.

On another note, Merck MRK is postponing earnings until tonight at 4pm.