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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stock Market Futures 11/19/08 - Dow Jones

How will the Dow Jones and Stock Market Futures effect trading on 11/19/08? The Dow Jones Futures are pointing lower tonight, down 84. The NASDAQ Futures are down 1o and the S&P 500 futures are down 8.30. This comes off a day when the stock market rose on 11/18/08.

The Asian Markets are down today, November 19, 2008 - The Nikkei index is 8277 down 51.

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Dow Jones Close 11/18/08 - Stock Market Report

Stock Market Closing Prices - 11/18/08

Dow Jones Industrial Average ( DJIA ) Close - 8424.75 Up 151
Nasdaq Stock Market Close - 1483.27 Up 1.22
S&P 500 Close - 859.07 Up 8.33

Libor Rates - 11/18/08

1 Month - 1.45%
3 Month - 2.22%

Commodities Closing Prices - 11/18/08

Gold - 736
Oil - 54.57
Natural Gas - 6.52

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 8424.75 on 11/18/08, as investors continued to sell stocks again today but with the stock market bouncing off its lows from earlier in the afternoon and the Dow Jones gaining on the day. We had a nice buy program hit the market in the final half hour of trading. The Stock Market Futures were down big this morning, The Dow Jones futures were actually down 165 at one point but Hewlett Packard ( HPQ ) pre released earnings and the company reported $1.03 vs $1.00 per share and raised guidance for 2009. Let me say that again; HPQ raised guidance for 2009. Yes, there is a company doing well in this environment. HPQ was up around 16% at one point. Research in Motion ( RIMM ) has been strong for the second straight day and has been a bright spot in the tech sector today. General Motors ( GM ) has been weak all day down around 9% to $2.87 per share. Goldman Sach ( GS ) continues to be weak as well. Goldman is a key indicator for a market turnaround. If GS stock can get some upside I think the Stock Markets will follow. At the close today, Carter Worth reiterated his " all in long " position on the stock market. That is pretty much all that happened today in the stock market, nothing to exciting, lots of sellers, very little buyers, very light volume!

Dow Jones Technical Analysis Chart
Today's Biggest Gainers - November 18th, 2008

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Dow Jones Open 11/18/08 - Stock Market Open

The Dow Jones Industrial Average ( DJIA ) and US Stock Markets have open flat this morning, 11/18/08, after the futures were down big early in pre market trading. Hewlett Packard ( HPQ ) came out with earnings that were ahead of expectations and also raised guidance for 2009 but as soon as Henry Paulson and Ben Bernake started speaking the gains that we had were quickly taken away. It seems as though every time our Government speaks while the stock market is open, we fall. Anyway, for the Dow Jones, look at my DJIA Chart as these are the low points I am watching closely. The Dow Jones is now up 60....very volatile trading going on as usual!

Today's Biggest Gainers - 11/18/08 - There aren't many!

Art Cashin seems to think we may retest the lows....he spoke on CNBC this morning.

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Art Cashin CNBC 11/18/08 - HPQ News

Art Cashin of UBS was on CNBC this morning 11/18/08. Below are Art Cashin's comments.

HPQ news was good news, technology stocks have been badly beaten down, The Hewlett Packard News is a sigh of relief, don't know if its a turnaround for the markets though.

As far as testing the lows goes, the lows testing we have been doing lately is raising some concern. Each bounce off the lows is weaker, if we restest the lows and break down, we could really spiral down.

The PPT ( Plunge Protection Program ) is nonsense, Art Cashin doesn't think the Government is buying the S&P's every time we plunge to spark a rally like a previous guest on CNBC had eluded too.

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Hewlett Packard HPQ to Save the Day?? 11/18/08

Hewlett Packard ( HPQ ) just came out with pre announced earnings of $1.03 vs $1.00. Futures are going up, HPQ stock is up 8%. I don't believe these earnings were due out until next week.

This is something to watch today!

1 and 3 Month Libor Rates - 11/18/08 - Today's Libor Rates

It seems as though everyone is watching Libor rates these days. Today's Libor Rates for 11/18/08, are: 1 Month Libor Rate - 1.45% & 3 Month Libor Rate - 2.15%. The overnight Libor rate is 0.40%. As you can see, Libor Rates have gone down for the second straight day. Here are Previous Libor rates.

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Dow Jones Futures 11/18/08 - Stock Market

11/18/08 Pre Market Trading Report:

Today, November 18th, 2008, the Stock Market and Dow Jones Futures are pointing much lower this morning. If the Dow Jones Industrial Average Futures stay this low, they will be gapping below the Oct 27th close of 8176. The Dow Jones Futures are lower by 145, the Nasdaq Futures down 28, and the S&P 500 Futures down 17. Check out my DJIA Technical Analysis chart I made last night. I will see how we open and adjust my portfolio from there. On a down note, if you follow Jim Cramer CNBC Mad Money, he said last night he thinks we are going much lower. There are just no buyers up here.

Asian Markets - European Markets 11-18-08

The Asian and European Markets were weak last night. The FTSE 100 index was down 63.37 points, or 1.5 percent, at 4,069.79, while Germany's DAX was 64.85, or 1.4 percent, lower at 4,492.42. The CAC-40 in France was down 47.79, or 1.5 percent, at 3,134.24.
In Asia, the Nikkei 225 stock average fell again by 194.17 points, or 2.3 percent to 8,328.41. Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index sunk 4.5 percent to 13,131.23.

Stocks to Watch today: 11-18-08

Biggest Gainers

It will be interesting to see if we test below 8000 again and whether the bulls can show up for the 4th straight time. Something just doesn't seem right, these rallies keep failing. I will be watching some of the big cap tech stocks today such as Apple ( AAPL ) to see if that stock can hold $86 which has been key support. I'm looking for a statement out of ( BIDU ) to clarify the bad press it got over the weekend. From what I read, that could be coming out today. Yahoo's ( YHOO) CEO Jerry Yang finally stepped down, Yahoo stock is up in pre market.

UPDATE: Hewlett Packard ( HPQ ) out with great earnings of $1.03 vs $1.00 and is raising guidance for 2009. Stocks are now going up

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