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Stock Market Closing Report - 5/23/18 May 23, 2018

Friday, October 10, 2008

Stock Market 10/12/08 - Dow Jones, G7 Meeting, Morgan Stanely ( MS )

What is in store for next week in the stock market? All eyes are on the G7 meeting this weekend and so far nothing much has come out of it. The US will start buying stakes in the US banks....this is positive but not enough. Monday 10/12 & Tuesday 10/13 could get real ugly if nothing comes out of this G7 meeting......which in my opinion is the reason the stock market had that explosive rally upward at the end of the day today.

All eyes will also be on the Morgan Stanley ( MS ) deal ......if that doesn't close look out below!

I have been buying the big dips and selling the rips....until further notice...

Morgan Stanley ( MS ) ( GS ) Goldman Sachs 10/10/08

Morgan Stanley ( MS ) and Goldman Sachs ( GS ) are tanking this morning causing stocks to fall even further.

Dow Jones futures are at 8350 ....down another 250ish points so far this morning.

All eyes will be on trading today....If we tank and close positive...a strong case for the bottom will be made. Also, something could come out of the g-7 meeting this weekend.