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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bidu technical analysis - BIDU Technical Stock Chart 9/08/08

Below is Technical Analysis for BIDU, Click to see the stock chart for BIDU: 9/06/08.

BIDU has broken support at $300 and you see the end result. I do expect a quick recovery however as I think the general sell off in this stock and the markets were due to forced liqudation. The global slowdown is not affecting BIDU. These big dips are huge buying opportunies. BIDU seems to have found support at $270 with resistance at $300...which was previous support. I'm waiting for the low tag to come in before I buy the other half of my long position. I will update this stock chart next week!

AAPL Apple Technical Analysis 9/08/08 - Apple AAPL Stock Analysis - Technical Stock Chart

The following is technical analysis for AAPL Apple Stock: 9/06/08.... to view this chart go to :

Apple ( AAPL ) has continued the downtrend this week along with the overall stock market. AAPL is now below all three key moving averages and has hit an area of support at around $159.69 from April 2008. If this level is closed below, you could see $155 and then $152.91 be test which were the August 2008 lows. AAPL has very strong resistance in the low $180s and when these levels are taken out Apple will again start to break out. $180.45, $180.91, $182.34 are your key resistance levels for Apple stock.

SIRF stock 9/05/08 BRCM settlement

SIRF stock was up big on Friday due to the possible settlement with Broadcom ( BRCM )

Shares of SiRF Technology Holdings Inc. were up more than 22 percent Friday on reports that the company could be near a patent infringement settlement with Broadcom Corp.
San Jose-based SiRF (NASDAQ:SIRF) stock closed at $2.57, up 47 cents. The company has a market value of about $150 million. Shares of Irvine-based Broadcom (NASDAQ:BRCM) were flat on a market value of $11 billion.
Last month, an International Trade Commission judge ruled that SiRF infringed on six of Broadcom’s patents for global positioning in cell phones. A final decision is set to be made before the end of the year.
SiRF has seen executive changes and a big drop in its stock price in the past year as a result of the ruling.
A settlement likely would see SiRF pay royalties to Broadcom