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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chesapeake ( CHK ) Analysis 10/27/08 - Technical Analysis

Chesapeake Energy ( CHK ) Technical Analysis for 10/27/08 - October 27th, 2008

Chesapeake Energy CHK - Support and Resistance Levels

Chesapeake Energy ( CHK ) has been trending along with its 10 day moving average...this is a bullish sign for recovery. I am playing it this way...CHK has support at $17.50...any close below this and I am out of CHK that it is trending over $20 you could even use that price as a stop....resistance is at $25...when CHK closes over $25 I think you could test the 50 day moving average which is at $35 right now but will come down lower as time passes. Use $20 & $25 as your trading range.

For a technical chart of CHK -

Bidu Analysis 10/27/08 - Bidu Technical Analysis for October 27th, 2008 ( BIDU ) technical analysis for 10/27/08 - October 27th, 2008

Bidu Support and Resistance Levels

Bidu reported good earnings last week but guidance was a little weak. Bidu has support at the $175 area from last year and Friday 10/24/08 but after that it would be $150 and then $134. Resistance is $200...when this moves back over $200 I will be a buyer again....but with a tight stop! Baidu will really get cooking again with a close over $275. One of the most volatile stocks I swing trade is

For a chart on these technical -

RIMM Research in Motion Analysis for 10/27/08

RIMM Research in Motion Technical Analysis for 10/27/08

RIMM Support and Resistance Levels

Rimm appears to have finally have support from Friday October 24th, 2008 at the $40 level. I really don't see RIMM stock going much lower. If it does, Rimm will be getting buyout offers if you catch my drift! In the coming weeks it is possible for a retest of $40 if market conditions in the stock market deteriorate. RIMM is a great company with a great product...growth is slowing, but not this much. Yes, Apple ( AAPL ) is starting to eat their lunch with iPhone sales but there is plenty of business to go around. Having your stock go from $135 to $40 in 75 days,. well, this is what happens when every hedge fund on wall street owns your stock in a deleveraging period.

Resistance is at $46 and $50...when this stock turns it will be jaw dropping like a lot of other stocks out there. A close back over $70 and this stock will really get moving. RIMM is the ultimate day trading stock right now in my opinion.

For a Chart on these technicals