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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

( MA ) Mastercard 8/27/08 Analysis - MasterCard Technical Analysis August 2008

The following is technical analysis on Mastercard ( MA ) 8/27/08.

Mastercard MA chart looks really ugly...a close below $230 would be very bad...but there are signs that MA has found support in the $230-$240 level. A close above $250 is what you really want to see....this would get me to go long. A close over $250 and a test of $270 and $290 would be near. These will be two very tough resistance levels and you will want to sell into this.
If Mastercard closes below $221 at any point....$200 would porbably be tested....this should hold unless some REALLY bad news would be out on this stock....I just can't see that being broken. Mastercard is a great company.

PDO Technical Analysis - Pyramid Oil Stock Analysis 8/27/08

The following is technical stock analysis for Pyramid Oil Company ( PDO ) 8/27/08:

PDO reported great earnings two weeks a result, a big move higher. PDO seems to have found support around the $13 level so this should be bought. A close above $15.24 and PDO could really move higher if it gets volume. $16.59 is the 50 day moving average...that could have some minor resistance there. Keep an eye on Oil prices...this is a great way to play oil.

Pyramid Oil has delievered two straight blowout earnings quarters and PDO stock is on many day traders radars.

Durable Goods Orders ( July 2008 ) up 1.3%

Some good economic data coming out.....July 2008 Durable Goods orders were up 1.3% for the month.....up .70% when you strip out Transportation!

Market have spiked on this news......but keep an eye on Hurricane Gustav!

( POT ) Potash Technical Analysis 8/27/08 - Potash Analysis Chart

The following is technical analysis for Potash ( POT ) for a POT Chart of here

Pot has topped out at $186.44 last week and now is trending just above the 10 day moving average. POT now has strong support at $170 which is the 200 day moving average. If this level is closed could have another leg down. A close above $186.44 and POT will test $190 resistance.

$190 had been major support since mid April...although POT broke through this level several times, it never closed below $190 until early see the end result...down to $157.........$190 will be strong resistance from here out. A close above $190 and POT can start to recover. Use a tight stop however!