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Sunday, October 26, 2008

10/27/08 Stock Market Futures - Dow Futures

How will the stock market open on Monday, 10/27/08?

Stock Market Futures:

Dow Jones Futures are down 130 tonight
Nasdaq Futures are down 14 tonight
SP 500 Futures are down 18 tonight

Asian Stocks are crashing tonight, the Nikkei is down 361 after being up 150 at the open. The Asian stock markets started going up after South Korea cut interest rates by .75 points. The US markets look like they will be hit with more selling once again Monday.

Stock Futures 10/27/08 - Dow Jones Futures

How will the Stock Market open on October 27th, 2008?

Stock Market futures - 10/27/08

Dow Jones Futures - Down 250
Nasdaq Futures - Down 42
S&P 500 Futures - Down 28

Updated 7:10am Est

Asian Stock Markets - 10/27/08

Nikkei - Down 486

The stock market futures are pointing higher tonight, 10/26/08, and it appears tomorrow will be an up day. As you probably know, these futures can change in a second with good or bad news. The Nikkei is trading lower today and as usual,very volatile! We will post updates here. Click Here for Friday's Analysis on the Stock Market.

What is happening this week in the stock market?

There are many key earnings reports due out this week including US Steel ( X ), Valero Energy ( VLO ), First Solar ( FSLR ), Visa ( V ), and Exxon Mobile ( XOM ).