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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Potash ( POT ) Stock 10/16/08 FCX

Monday Potash ( POT ) was $115 in pre market....three days later, you can buy Potash ( POT ) at $70. Yes, that's right, Potash is down $45 in three trading days. This is thanks to hedge fund liquidations still going on in the stock market. Look at Freeport McMoran ( FCX ). Down $15 per share since Monday morning.

Someone is selling big time! These stocks don't even rally with the stock market anymore....they go down further.

What to do? Wait for them to break their highs of the day after 10am to jump in.....once the sellers are done selling, these will bounce big time!

Pre Market Trading - Stock Market 10/16/08, Citigroup C Earnings, CHK

After a wild week, Citigroup ( C ) delivered some better then expected earnings ( or lack there of ) This morning, 10/16/08, Citi lost .60 cents per share, or 2.81 Billion for the 3rd quarter.

Total assets declined by 50 billion since the 2nd quarter. Yes, this report looks grim, but Citigroup ( C ) will in fact survive and that is making the stock rise a bit in pre market trading to $16.87.

Stocks to Watch 10/16/08:

Watch Chesapeake Energy ( CHK ). Again yesterday, this stock was crushed, but I'm seeing some signs of early bidders coming back to the stock. You could potentially catch a nice gain in this stock if you play it right. Buy the stock when it breaks the high of day. Chesapeake Energy is a major driller in the best natural gas field, Haynesville Shale

Google ( GOOG ) reports earnings tonight.....this will be a stock to watch also. EBay reported in line earnings last night but their guidance was horrible. Google does not give guidance.

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