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Monday, November 26, 2012

Dow Jones Futures 11/27/12 - Stock Market Futures

By Tim - - Twitter - @stockstobuy -

Stock Market Futures for 11/27/12

The Dow Jones and Stock Market were lower on Monday.  Will the stock market go up or down on Tuesday? Keep tabs on the stock market futures which will predict the open on Tuesday. If you are a stock trader or investor, check out my stock picks group. We are making some big trades in there right now. Sign in and sign up.

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Stock Market Futures - November 27, 2012

Dow Jones Futures - Down 6
S&P 500 Futures - Down 1
NASDAQ Futures - Up 1
Gold Futures - 1746
Silver Futures - 34.03
Oil Futures - 87.91
Asian Markets ( Nikkei ) - 9423

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Dow Jones Close 11/26/12 - Stock Market Closing Prices

By Tim - - Twitter @stockstobuy -

Stock Market Closing Prices - 11/26/12

Dow Jones Industrial Average ( DJIA ) Close - 12967.37 Down 42.31
Nasdaq Stock Market Close - 2976.78 Up 9.93
S&P 500 Close - 1406.29 Down 2.86

Commodities Closing Prices - 11/26/12

Gold Close - 1749
Silver Close - 34.12
Copper Close - 3.54
Oil Close - 87.62
Natural Gas Close - 3.73

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 12967 on 11/26/12, as the stock market dropped after the large rally we saw on Friday.  Apple (AAPL) was the clear outperforming stock today after it jumped 3% to $590 on strong Black Friday sales.

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Best Penny Stocks 11/27/12 November 27, 2012

Top Penny Stocks 11/27/12 November 27, 2012 - @stockstobuy - Twitter

Below is a list of the top 100 penny stocks to watch right now.  These penny stocks have the potential to break out to the upside and make a large gain.

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Top Penny Stocks to Watch - 11/27/12

1. Green Energy Renewable Solutions, Inc. (EWRL)
2. Cannabis Science, Inc. (CBIS)
3. Southridge Enterprises Inc. (SRGE)
4. AMR Corporation (AAMRQ)
5. TagLikeMe Corp. (TAGG)
6. eLayaway, Inc. (ELAY)
7. Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp. (ESCC)
8. Immunovative, Inc. (IMUN)
9. Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA)
10. Nilam Resources Inc. (NILA)
11. TeleFix Communications, Inc. (TLFX)
12. Amarantus BioSciences, Inc. (AMBS)
13. Santo Mining Corporation (SANP)
14. Overseas Shipholding Group Inc. (OSGIQ)
15. Domark Intl (DOMK)
16. Fannie Mae (FNMA)
17. Freddie Mac (FMCC)
18. E-Debit Global Corporation (WSHE)
19. Mimvi, Inc. (MIMV)
21. Solo International, Inc. (SLIO)
23. AmBase Corp. (ABCP)
24. Clean Coal Technologies (CCTC)
25. Kenergy Scientific, Inc. (KNSC)
26. Growlife Inc. (PHOT)
27. Liquidmetal Technologies Inc. (LQMT)
28. Organovo Holdings, Inc. (ONVO)
29. Pristine Solutions (PRTN)
31. Greenway Technology (GWYT)
32. A123 Systems (AONEQ)
33. OncoSec Medical Incorporated (ONCS)
34. Central Energy Partners, L.P. (ENGY)
35. Greenlite Ventures Inc. (GLTV)
36. Advanced Cell Technology Inc. (ACTC)
38. Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. (NWBO)
39. Abot Mining Co. (ABOT)
40. Save The World Air (ZERO)
41. Vision Plasma Systems (VLNX)
42. GreenGro Technologies, Inc. (GRNH)
43. PacWest Equities Inc. (PWEID)
44. Lynas Corporation Limited (LYSCF)
46. Grizzly Gold Corp. (GRZG)
47. Global Resource Energy Inc (GBEN)
48. Eastman Kodak (EKDKQ)
49. Ludwig Enterprises Inc. (LUDG)
50. RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RXII)
51. Pacific Gold Corp (PCFG)
52. Great Wall Builders Ltd. (GWBU)
53. Goliath Film and Media Holdings. (GFMH)
54. Implant Sciences Corp. (IMSC)
55. Advanced ID Corporation (AIDO)
56. Cellceutix Corporation (CTIX)
57. Bebida Beverage Company, Inc. (BBDA)
58. Applied DNA Sciences Inc. (APDN)
59. Abtech Holdings, Inc. (ABHD)
60. Fuse Science, Inc. (DROP)
61. Titan Iron Ore Corp. (TFER)
62. PositiveID Corporation (PSID)
63. Itonis Inc. (ITNS)
64. Converted Organics Inc. (COIN)
65. Organovo Holdings, Inc. (ONVO)
66. Global Gaming Network Inc. (GBGM)
67. Gunther Grant, Inc. (GNGR)
68. National Graphite Corp. (NGRC)
69. Oryon Technologies, Inc. (ORYN)
70. Pershing Gold Corp (PGLC)
71. Ants Software (ANTS)
73. Sport Endurance, Inc. (SENZ)
74. mPhase Technologies, Inc. (XDSL)
75. SatCon Technology Corporation (SATCQ)
76. Firemans Contractors, Inc. (FRCN)
77.  PM & E (PMEA)
78. Augme Technologies, Inc. (AUGT)
80. Blue Sphere Corp. (BLSP)
81. Universal Bioenergy Inc. (UBRG)
82. Chimera Energy Corporation (CHMR)
83. HyperSolar, Inc. (HYSR)
84. SMA Alliance, Inc. (SMAA)
85. EKO International Corp. (EKNL)
86. Entest Biomedical, Inc. (ENTB)
87. The Graystone Company, Inc. (GYST)
88. PTS Inc. (PTSH)
89. SunPeaks Ventures (SNPK)
90. Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc. (RFMK)
91. Solanbridge Group, Inc. (SLNX)
92. Provectus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PVCT)
93. RightSmile, Inc. (RIGH)
94. Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. (FITX)
95. First Corp. (FSTC)
96. Dussault Apparel, Inc. (DUSS)
97. Global Clean Energy, Inc. (GCEI)
98. Patriot Coal (PCXCQ)
99. IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC)
100. Warp 9, Inc. (WNYN)

Stocks to Buy 11/27/12 November 27, 2012

Stocks to Buy 11/27/12 November 27, 2012 - @stockstobuy - Twitter

Below is a list of stocks to buy on Tuesday.  These stocks were active last week and have the potential to break out this week.

Inuvo, Inc. (INUV) - Inuvo, Inc. (INUV) stock surged on Monday but then dropped below $1.50.  The stock could see a rebound at some point this week, buy on a break through the high of the day.

Facebook (FB) - Facebook (FB) stock exploded higher Monday after another upgrade.  FB will have resistance up at $27.15.  This is more of a short squeeze than anything.  The stock was just $19 a few weeks ago.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) - I currently own this stock in the stock picks group so I won't be saying to much here.  Watch your support and resistance levels.  
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has support at $1.86 and resistance located at $1.97 & $2.05.  AMD has potential to break out going forward.

Apple (AAPL) - Apple (AAPL) continues to trade on the cheap due to the fiscal cliff fears.  However, investors are buying back into the stock as we got word last week that Washington might be able to reach some kind of deal by the end of the year.  Apple (AAPL) is a strong buy below $550.  Support is located at $565, resistance is located at $583 & $594.  I own Apple (AAPL) in my trading account and long term account.

Research in Motion (RIMM) - Shares of Research in Motion (RIMM) continue to surge pre Blackberry 10 release.  The stock will have resistance up at $12.14 this week.

Stocks to Buy 2013

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Stocks to Watch - 11/27/12

China BAK Battery, Inc. (CBAK)
EntreMed Inc. (ENMD)
China Armco Metals, Inc. (CNAM)
Galectin Therapeutics, Inc. (GALT)
Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners Inc. (CPRX)
Zhongpin, Inc. (HOGS)
Samson Oil & Gas Limited (SSN)
China Gengsheng Minerals, Inc. (CHGS)
Anadigics, Inc. (ANAD)
James River Coal Co. (JRCC)
Somaxon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SOMX)
Inuvo, Inc. (INUV)
Motricity, Inc. (MOTR)
Almaden Minerals Ltd. (AAU)
GeoPetro Resources Company (GPR)
China Techfaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited (CNTF)
AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ACRX)
Houston American Energy Corp. (HUSA)
Knight Capital Group, Inc. (KCG)
China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources, Inc. (SHZ)
Impac Mortgage Holdings Inc. (IMH)
3D Systems Corp. (DDD)
Facebook, Inc. (FB)

Green Energy Renewable Solutions (EWRL) Stock Up Big Today

Green Energy Renewable Solutions (EWRL) Stock Up Big Today

November 26, 2012 - Shares of Green Energy Renewable Solutions (EWRL) are soaring up 117% to $0.13 today.  There is no news so I can only imagine that there is some kind of promotion going on right now.  In July 2012, Green Energy Renewable Solutions (EWRL) stock popped from $0.05 to $0.35 in a short period of time.

Green Energy Renewable Solutions (EWRL) will have resistance at $0.17 and support down at $0.093.

Top Stocks 11/26/12 November 26, 2012 - Biggest Gainers

Top Stocks 11/26/12 November 26, 2012

Below is a list of the top stocks today - these are the biggest stocks gainers in the market right now.

Best Stocks - 11/26/12

Inuvo, Inc. (INUV)
EntreMed Inc. (ENMD)
China Armco Metals, Inc. (CNAM)
Galectin Therapeutics, Inc. (GALT)
Zhongpin, Inc. (HOGS)
GeoGlobal Resources Inc. (GGR)
Anadigics, Inc. (ANAD)
China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources, Inc. (SHZ)
James River Coal Co. (JRCC)
Knight Capital Group, Inc. (KCG)
Almaden Minerals Ltd. (AAU)
Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners Inc. (CPRX)
Avalon Rare Metals Inc. (AVL)
Sequenom Inc. (SQNM)
China Techfaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited (CNTF)

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Apple (AAPL) Stock Analysis 11/26/12 November 26, 2012

Apple (AAPL) stock Analysis 11/26/12 November 26, 2012

Shares of Apple (AAPL) have been upgraded at Citigroup today with a $675 price target for the first half of 2013.  While I think this is conservative, the stock has rallied $67 off the recent $506 low.  Apple (AAPL) will have strong resistance around $575 but then nothing major until $594 which is the 200 day moving average.  Last week, AAPL held major support around $555 and then bounced.  Apple (AAPL) remains a strong buy stock in 2013.  All major dips should be bought.

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James River Coal (JRCC) Stock Upgraded to Buy

James River Coal (JRCC) Stock Upgraded to Buy November 26, 2012 -

James River Coal (JRCC) was upgraded to buy at Oppenheimer today with a $3 price target. The firm says that strength in natural gas will help this company going forward.  James River Coal (JRCC) is currently trading $2.75, up 10%. JRCC will have resistance at $2.84 and $3.20 and support at $2.57 on the downside. A close back below $2.57 at any time would be bearish.

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Penny Stocks w/ Promotions 11/26/12 November 26, 2012

Penny Stock Promotions - 11/26/12 - @stockstobuy

Below is a list of the top penny stocks with promotions today - November 26, 2012

eLayaway, Inc. (ELAY) - eLayaway, Inc. (ELAY) has been red hot lately and is the top penny stock under promotion today - eLayaway, Inc. (ELAY) will have resistance up at $0.009.

E-Debit Global Corporation (WSHE)
Global Stevia Corp. (GSTV)
EKO International Corp. (EKNL)
The Pulse Beverage Corporation (PLSB
LodgeNet Interactive Corporation (LNET)
Cannabis Science, Inc. (CBIS)
Southridge Enterprises Inc. (SRGE)
Overseas Shipholding Group Inc. (OSGIQ)
Kenergy Scientific, Inc. (KNSC)

Penny Stocks 2013 - OTC Stocks 2013

Stock Market Dropping November 26, 2012

Stock Market Dropping November 26, 2012 - @stockstobuy -

The stock market is dropping on Monday due to the huge run up we saw into Friday's close.  Congress is back in session today so expect the stock market to react to any positive or negative headline that we hear.

Apple (AAPL) was upgraded to buy at Citigroup with a $675 price target.  Citigroup expects the first half of 2013 to be very strong.

Research in Motion (RIMM), Sequenom (SQNM), and Mosaic (MOS) were all upgraded today before the opening bell.

Natural gas is dropping by 3% today so UGAZ is down and DGAZ is up.

Mcdonald's (MCD) was downgraded at Lazard.

Stock Market Futures Lower ahead of the Open -

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