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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Alcoa AA Halted 10/7/08 Pre Earnings

Alcoa ( AA ) has been halted just after 4:01pm in afterhours tonight....pending earnings.

Ok, update... AA comes in with .33 cents per share.....53 cents expected.....big miss

Alcoa AA Earnings Preview 10/07/08

Tonight Alcoa steps up to the plate to kick off earnings season and will it be a volatile one!

Alcoa ( AA ) is expected to report earnings of .53 per share...a number that has been cut by analysts by 20% in the past several weeks.

I use Alcoa as an overall gauge of our economy. The earnings outlook for stocks in the US is very bleak all of a sudden. A nice number from Alcoa AA tonight could go a long way in stating there is to much pessimism in the markets right now.

For more earnings - view our calendar -

Google ( GOOG ) & Stifel Nicolaus

Well, today Stifel Nicolaus has come out and cut their price target on Google ( GOOG ) AGAIN LOL, to $525 but still rates it as a buy. As you can see below, this firm cannot be trusted due to them acting " after the fact" For once, I'd like to see a rating firm get ahead of things....sort of like Meredith Whitney did on the financial banks a year ago. As you can see below...every time Googles stock price has gone down, they have cut their price target. When Google goes up, they raise their price target. My 92 year old grandpa could do that for you for free!

Stifel Nicolaus Track Record on Google ( GOOG )

10/07/08 8:25am Rated Buy - Current Price - $374 - Price Target $525
9/02/08 8:25am Rated Buy - Current Price - $479 - Price Target $600
5/05/08 8:25am Rated Buy - Current Price - $594 - Price Target $675
2/28/08 8:25am Rated Buy - Current Price - $468 - Price Target $610
2/01/08 8:25am Rated Buy - Current Price - $532 - Price Target $675
10/11/07 8:25am Rated Buy - Current Price - $634 - Price Target $710

So as you can see....Stifel maintains a buy when the price keeps falling...they also cut the price target...and as soon as Google goes up ( 5/05/05 ) they raise it LOL

Pre Market Trading - Stock Market 10/07/08

This morning Dow Jones, S&P, and NASDAQ are all rising in pre market due to a surprise interest rate cut in Australia which was the steepest rate cut in 16 years. The US and European markets hope that they are next. India also cut interest rates today.

All eyes and ears will be on Ben Bernanke as he will speak today and the Fed Minutes will come out. The credit markets have tightened somewhat but our system is still clogged. On the bright side, the bailout plan is moving at a much needed fast pace. We will have some major action in regard to the bailout plan next week.

Stock to Watch 10/7/08 - First Solar ( FSLR )
First Solar has been downgraded to sell by Goldman Sachs.....not sure why they waited this long to downgrade, but history says you can never trust these analysts. FSLR has fallen from $300 to $140....nice job guys! Shouldn't you have been downgrading at $300?

Other stock movers in pre market - AMD, NCC both up big time in pre market!

Today I will be day trading AAPL and POT as I did yesterday. This is where to major volume and price action is.

First Solar ( FSLR ) Downgraded Goldman Sachs 10/07/08

First Solar Cut To Sell From Buy By Goldman Sachs - Dow Jones Newswire