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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

AAPL Steve Jobs Blames Hedge Fund

Steve Jobs has come out an blamed a Hedge Funds for spreading rumors about his health. He blames this fund or funds for bashing his health as a way to get Apple's ( AAPL ) stock price down.

Hedge Funds short Apple ( AAPL ) stock make money when the stock price falls vs when they go long a stock and make money when the the rises.

Lehman ( LEH ) S&P Credit Watch Negative - S&P Puts Lehman LEH on Credit Watch Negative

S&P just came out and put Lehman Brothers on Credit Watch - Negative...... Lehman Brothers ( LEH ) stock price is now trading at $8.94 per share. Lehman earlier said they may preannounce earnings tonight.

Lehman ( LEH ) Earnings: LEH might preannounce earnings tonight 9/09

CNBC Charlie Gasparino is reporting that due to the plunge in stock price.....the company might come out and preannounce earnings tonight. LEH spiked about 10% on the news.....stay tuned!

Stock Market 9/09 Update - Stocks to Watch FSLR, LEH, AAPL

Today has been another interesting day....Lehman ( LEH ) is getting drilled, down 30%. I think this would be the last one to go and then the market can reverse for the long term. By last to go I mean, Bear Sterns ( BSC ) Fannie Mae ( FNM ) & Freddie Mac ( FRE ). If Lehman got taken over or bailed out.....the market can finally look forward instead of fearing the above companies and how it effects selling in the stocks they own. Look at GOOG, CHK, FSLR, ENER, AAPL.....these companies are getting sold off for no reason....and they do not bounce when the market goes up. These are good solid companies trade at fair valuations. Forced selling has the most to do with these stocks.

These are the stocks you will want to be trading....and when the market starts to turn, these will be your leaders as money will again flow back into them. You can add Mastercard ( MA ) and Visa ( V ) in this bunch as well.

First Solar will break back to the upside when it breaks $208......ENER when it breaks back over $56.50....keep in eye on these for some nice swing trades!

July 2008 Home Sales - Pending Home Sales for July 2008 - 9/09/08

This morning July 2008 Pending home sales are out.

Pending home sales were down 3.2% from June 2008 and down 6.8% from July 2007.

To look at upcoming economic events... visit

Cardica ( CRDC ) FDA Approval for Surgical System 9/09/09 - CRDC Stock on Fire!

This morning Cardica ( CRDC ) has come out and announced they have received FDA approval for their Pas-Port surgical system:

Surgical systems maker Cardica Inc. said Tuesday the Food and Drug Administration approved its PAS-Port system for use in cardiac bypass surgery.

The system creates a secure connection between the body's main artery and vein grafts. Cardiac bypass surgeries are used to bypass part of a damaged or blocked artery in an attempt to restore blood flow.

The PAS-Port system is fully automated, the company said can complete a connection in about one minute.

CRDC stock is soaring to $10.80 up 35%......Note that ISRG uses some of their devices for surgery

UAUA UAL Stock 9/09/09 - Up in pre market stock trading

UAUA was down a lot yesterday even after the company came out and stated the bankruptcy rumors were false. UAUA ended the day down 9/09/09 in pre market, UAUA UAL is going back up to $11.53 or almost 6% in pre market trading.

UAUA could be a big winner today, especially with Oil going down yet again!

Google ( GOOG ) News - Youtube on Sony Ericsson G705 Smartphone

Sony Ericsson is pleased to Tuesday announce a partnership with Google ( GOOG ) meaning that YouTube will be integrated into selected upcoming models from Sony Ericsson. This capability will allow users to instantly download and upload video directly from their phone to YouTube. The G705 will be YouTube compatible and further models will be announced at a later stage.
G705 for American markets will be available early Q1 2009.

Google ( GOOG ) also announced today that they will only keep a users search data for 9 months....down from 18 months.

FNM FRE Stock 9/09/09 - Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Trading Updates

This morning FNM and FRE up both up in pre market.....but thats not really saying much as they were sliced by 80% yesterday after the government bailed them out.

FNM is .88 up 21%
FRE is $1.00 up 14% in pre market trading

You buy these when they break their High of Day and you sell if they break their Low of Day. This is the only way i'd be trading these. Take profits quickly, don't be greedy!