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Friday, August 15, 2008

Fast Money Recap 8/15/08 - CNBC Fast Money Stock Picks August 15th

Fast Money Stock Picks 8/15/08

Quint Tatro

Financials: Watch the financials as a que to where the market is going
Oil: I would not be touching Oil stocks right have shorts who are piling have longs who want to sell out of the first bounce

SSO, DDM: I'm long

Joe Terranova

Commodities: I don't think the rally is over
RIMM: I like RIMM, I am long this stock
Goldman Sachs GS: I am long Goldman....and I'm concerned about it...looks like its headed to $150

Pete Najarian

Warren Buffett: He doubled his position in Union Pacific...he doesn't below the story is over in the commodities.
NRG: Buffett bought this.....I'd wait for a dip though
Target TGT: Target looks better then Wal Mart WMT here
VMW VMWare: Options very active.....stock is jumping
Goldman Sachs GS: It was $180 on Monday....this pullback should have this stock on your focus list.

Tim Seymour

S&P 500: I think we are positioned to break through 1320
RTH: I would be shorting the RTH here
MBI ABK: I wouldn't touch these stocks on the equity side.

Dennis Gartman: Bad week to be a gold buyer.....technicals have been broken on the Euro......Europe is slowing down, USA is holding up, a lot of positions have to be unwound....some people aren't hedged long the dollar and they have to do this.
Gold or Oil? If I had to make a trade.....I'd say I thought Crude could go down to $85 per barrel. I am long wheat.....I don't like Ag Stocks right now....Buy wheat and sell Potash (

Lehman ( LEH ) Stock Alert - George Soros takes huge stake in LEH 8-15-08

George Soros, the billion dollar investor, reported yesterday upping his stake in Lehman Brothers ( ticker symbol - LEH ).

George Soros reported last quarter that he had 10,000 shares of Lehman. As of 8/15/08, George Soros now has just under 9.5 million shares of LEH. Big buying!

Lehman ( LEH ) stock is up 6% in pre market to $17.10.

This should give a nice boost to the financial sector!

Warren Buffet bought 3.24 million shares of NRG Energy.

Ambac ( ABK ) Pre Market Stock Breakout - 8/15/08 - ABK Analysis - Hot stocks August 15th

This morning in Pre Market trading we have Ambac ABK stock breaking out hard to the upside.

Ambac Financial Group today announced that Standard & Poor's Ratings Services (S&P) affirmed the 'AA' financial strength rating on Ambac Assurance Corporation (AAC) and removed it from CreditWatch Negative.

This is huge news for ABK.....I think this stock has much further up to go.

On August 6th I wrote about ABK after they released earnings and stated we had resistance at $5.60. Today on 8/15/08 we are hovering around this level in pre market. Keep an eye on this situation. If we get another close above this level we can test $6...and then $8.11 appears to be the next target.