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Stock Market Closing Report - 4/26/18 April 26, 2018

Friday, September 12, 2008

( JPM ) ( WM ) JP Morgan - Washington Mutual - JP Morgan in advance talks to aquire WaMu

CNBC is reporting that JP Morgan ( JPM ) is in advance talks to aquire Washington Mutual ( WM ).....WM jumped 10% on this news to $3.22.

Apple ( AAPL ) Double Bottom, Triple Bottom - Long Position AAPL

Apple ( AAPL ) has had a really nice reversal is now safe to take a long position with a tight stop at $146.

Apple AAPL has hit lows of $146.38, $146, and today, $146.50......a break above the high of day at $150.90 with volume could give you a huge run over the next week.

Long AAPL, tight stop at $146

Potash POT News 9/12 - Pot stock ripping higher Friday

This morning we have Potash ( POT ) ripping higher after a strong reversal yesterday. Potash has been an ugly stock over the past month or so. Looking at the Pot chart....we have that resistance at about $170 so you may want to try and short it there. Buying dips below $140 would be a good buy. CNBC Fast Money's Guy Adami pointed out that POT was trading like Potash prices were $400 a ton while they are really at $900 per ton. Could this be the bottom for the Ag stocks? I seem to think so! The key to making quick and huge gains in the stock market are buying stocks on the turn rather then catching a falling knife. Patience is the key! Buying stocks on the turn is one of the hardest things for stock market traders to do. The fear of " I'm going to miss the run if I don't get in " leaves most investors caught in a downward spiral lower, only to sell out break even when the stock actually starts " The Turn " higher.

There are price targets of $280 per share out there. Once POT closes back over $190, things will really get rolling again!

Don't try to catch falling knives! The stock market is always right and if a stock is going down, its going down for a reason! Catch the turn back up!

LEH Lehman - No Government Bailout or Backing

The Government just came out with a statement saying there will be no Government money in in the resolution of the Lehman ( LEH ) situation.

Lehman shares are down another 16% in pre market trading to $3.56 per share. 9/12/08

( WM ) Washington Mutual 9/12/08 - WM Stock up Pre Market Trading

This morning WM Washington Mutual Shares are up about 6% to $3.00 per share in Pre Market trading. WAMU has been feared of going out of business along with LEH Lehman Brothers. There are talks that Lehman night get bought out by Monday and I think this will cause a spike in WM shares. High risk though, but keep an eye on this situation!

Shares of WM are also up because Goldman Sachs ( GS ) is coming out this morning and upgrading Washington Mutual from Sell to Neutral.

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First Solar ( FSLR ) Upgraded 9/12 to Buy - Societe Generale

This morning 9/12/08, First Solar ( FSLR ) has been started with a buy from Societe Generale company. First Solar stock has been crushed over the past two weeks due to fears of prices falling in 2009. They seem to be over done however, and I have been trading this stock daily. Buying below $200 and selling above or at $210 has worked great. When FSLR breaks $219 it will be back in play. I could see it going to $235-$240 quickly.

CNBC's Jim Cramer blessed FSLR stock on lightening round last night 9/11 on Cramer's Mad Money.

( LEH ) Lehman Buyout 9/12 - BAC, KKR Mule Bid - Pre Market Stock Trading

The lastest news in the Lehman Brothers ( LEH ) saga has KKR and Bank of America ( BAC ) buying Lehman and splitting it up. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet....but a deal could get done by Monday. These bank deals usually take place over the weekends. Barclays and several other banks are also being talked as potential suitors. Nothing has been confirmed yet!!

LEH stock is up 18% on this news to $4.90 in early trading. It will be an interesting day to say the least!