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Thursday, July 31, 2008

ELAN - ELN - Tysabri Drug goes wrong!

Tonight Elan ( ELN ) is down another 35% as the company released an SEC filing stating that two patients taking Tysabri were infected with the rare PML brain disorder.

These two incidents happened today and yesterday....both patients are in still hospitalized, the other is at home and clinically stable.

Elan was $32 just days ago and now has fallen to $11.50 afterhours tonight.

ELN has strong support in the $7 range so if it got there it might be interesting. This is fresh news so tomorrow I will look to see how the market takes this news.

Watching my level 2 trading....i'm seeing big blocks coming in for sale: 500,000 share blocks coming in hitting the bidders. Not a good sign!!

ELN could trade between 80-120 million shares tomorrow I would guess. Who knows maybe more! Keep this stock on your watchlists.

Please note: Biogen Idec ( BIIB ) is also a partner for this drug

Earnings 7-31 4pm - CHK, HNSN, BOOM

Last night we had great earnings from Visa and First solar....Akamai disappointed and it is getting killed today just like Garmin on Wednesday.

Tonight we have Earnings from Chesapeake Energy, Hansen Medical, Dynamic Materials.

Chesapeake Energy ( CHK ) - We already know their earnings might be effected by hedges they put on for the quarter relating to natural gas prices. I want to see what they say about their Shale positions, especially their Haynesville Shale play.

Dynamic Materials ( BOOM ) - I have been following this company since 2004-2005 when it was $3....have been in and out of it several times. This company has a product called explosive metal cladding....this is used on a number of things especially ships. Over the past year the blow out earnings quarters have tamed down. This is a stock to watch.

Hansen Medical ( HNSN ) Are you familiar with Intuitive Surgical ( ISRG )? The founder of ISRG, Dr. Moll, took HNSN public in late 2006. Hansen offers Sensei Robotic Catheter System, which is designed to allow physicians to navigate flexible catheters with stability and control in interventional procedures. They had no revenues last year but now are quietly selling these machines. This company will explode once they start making a profit. ( Similar to ENER..but different sector ) Keep an eye on this stock!