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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pre Market Trading - Stock Market 10/8/08

This morning 10/8/08 in the stock market, Europe and the United States pursued a global rate cut for the first time since November 2001. Stock Markets have been skyrocketing around the globe off this news. Dow Jones is up 200 points on this news, Nasdaq up 23, S&P 500 up 29 points.

Japans Nikkei went down 9.4% last night, the worst we've seen in that market since the crash in 1987. There was steep losses all across the globe before this rate cut.

Stock to Watch today: RBS, GOLD, LYG, GGP, HOV, LDK, SOV as these stocks are todays biggest gainers so far.

Day Trading 10/8/08 - What will I be trading today in the stock market? Apple ( AAPL ), Potash ( POT ), First Solar ( FSLR ) these stocks when they break through their high of the day and sell them when you get profits. Short them when they break the lows of the day.

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