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Monday, October 20, 2008

Pre Market Trading - Stock Market 10/20/08 - Libor Rates Declining

Today, 10/20/08, The stock market futures are pointing higher so far in pre market trading. Asian and Europe stock markets rose nicely last night. The Nikkei was up 3.6% and the Hang Send was up 5.3% last night in active stock trading.

Libor rates have been coming down a bit helping to boost the overseas markets. Even Europe opened a lot stronger last night. It look like it will be a strong day for the US stock markets. Oil is hitting $74 this morning , up $2 per barrel mounting talk that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ( OPEC ) will cut production at the end of this week in an attempt to shore up prices that have fallen by 50 percent in three months.

Stocks to Watch Today - Ambac ( ABK ) & Cit Group ( CIT )

These two stocks were very active on Friday and up huge. There is no reason to think that will let up today with a strong stock market. You could really see some nice gains in these stocks.

Earnings today 10/20/08 - American Express ( AXP ) , SanDisk ( SNDK ) , Netflix ( NFLX )

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