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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hot Penny Stocks 12/3/09 December 3, 2009

Today, 12/3/09, there are a few penny stock gainers breaking out to the upside. Be sure to check out the Top 2009 Penny Stock Gainers on the NYSE, Nasdaq, and AMEX. We also list OTC and Pink Sheets stock gainers below. You can find ALL Penny Stock Reports Here

Penny Stock Gainers - December 3, 2009

Generex Biotechnology Corp. (GNBT) - Study Finds Generex Oral-lyn(TM) is Safe, Effective, May Reduce Complications of Insulin-Dependent Diabetes

Ambac Financial Group, Inc. (ABK) - S&P raises Ambac Assurance ratings to CC

ULURU Inc. (ULU) - ULURU Inc. Obtains Status of Approved Supplier With McKesson

First State Bancorp. (FSNM) - No News

Bionovo, Inc. (BNVI) - No News

MDRNA, Inc. (MRNA) - MDRNA, Inc. Presents Positive Efficacy and Tolerability Data in Non-Human Primates With Proprietary siRNA Compounds

Star Scientific, Inc. (CIGX) - No News

OTC - Pink Sheets Stock Gainers - 12/3/09

TYTAN HOLDINGS INC. (TYTN.PK) - Tytan Holdings Inc. Has Acquired Tytan International Inc. and is Now a Publicly Traded Company

Hawk Systems, Inc. (HWSY.OB) - No News

SK3 Group Inc. (SKTO.PK) - SK3 Group to Acquire Angels of the Valley, LLC for $3,850,000

Viking Systems, Inc. (VKNG.OB) - No News

Hancock Fabrics Inc. (HKFI.PK) - Hancock Fabrics Announces Fiscal 2009 Third Quarter Financial Results

Montavo, Inc. (MTVO.OB) - No News

Baltia Air Lines Inc. (BLTA.OB) - No News

Infinity Energy Resources Inc. (IFNY.PK) - Independent Analysis of Seismic Data Suggests Infinity Energy Resources Offshore Nicaraguan Concessions Potentially Contain Over Three Billion Barrels of Oil in Eocene Zones

Imaging3 Inc. (IMGG.OB) - No News

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