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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Best Performing Stocks - December 31, 2015

Top Performing Stocks Today (12/31/15) - Below is a list of today's stock gainers.  These stocks are the top performing stocks in the stock market right now.

For more ideas on on hot stocks today, check out my new Stocks to Watch page.

Top Stock Gainers - December 31, 2015

Lucas Energy, Inc. (LEI)
Pluristem Therapeutics, Inc. (PSTI)
Towerstream Corporation (TWER)
Histogenics Corporation (HSGX)
Royale Energy Inc. (ROYL)
Chimerix, Inc. (CMRX)
Amtech Systems Inc. (ASYS)
TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals Corporation (TLOG)
VelocityShares 3x Long Natural Gas ETN (UGAZ)
Prima Biomed Ltd. (PBMD)
Amira Nature Foods Ltd. (ANFI)
EXCO Resources Inc. (XCO)
Banro Corporation (BAA)
Cara Therapeutics Inc. (CARA)
RiT Technologies Ltd. (RITT)
Celladon Corporation (CLDN)
Emerald Oil, Inc. (EOX)
Sandridge Mississippian Trust II (SDR)
Iconix Brand Group, Inc. (ICON)

Be sure to always view my biggest stock gainers page because this list of always changing!
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