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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Best Penny Stocks 2016

Below is a list of the best penny stocks for 2016.  These top penny stocks have the potential to break out to the upside on good news in 2016.  Follow me on Twitter for the hottest stock news or join my stock picks group to follow my trades.  For more information in the top stocks in 2016, visit these links - Stocks 2016 - Top Penny Stocks 2016 - Stocks to Buy 2016

Best Penny Stocks in 2016

For a daily updated list of the top stocks in 2015, visit 2015 Stock Gainers - 2015 Penny Stock Gainers.

ReneSola Ltd. (SOL) - My best penny stock to buy right now as of October is ReneSola Ltd. (SOL).  I'm expecting oil to rebound at some point in 2016 which would be bullish for the beaten down Solar Stock sector.  ReneSola Ltd. (SOL) is currently trading below $1 and could easily hit $1.50 in 2016.  However, with all penny stocks, SOL could go bankrupt as well.  Buy on a heavy volume break out.

General Moly (GMO) - If you want a good penny stock in 2016 related to the gold mining sector, GMO is my stock pick.  GMO is currently trading below $0.30 but could potentially double in 2016 if the mining sector heats up.  Watch GMO in 2016.

Small Caps Bull 3x (TNA) - If you are stuck trying to decide on the Top Penny Stocks in 2016, here is an alternative solution.  TNA trades at $57 but pretend it trades for $0.57.  I have a $90-$100 price target for this ETF in 2016 which would in pretend be a $0.57 stock going to $0.90-$1.00.  And, TNA is stock market based which means it's much safer.  I will be back in October 2016 to see how I did!