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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Penny Stocks to Buy 2014

Below is a list of the top penny stocks to buy in 2014.  These hot penny stocks are breaking out to the upside and continue to provide excellent trading opportunities in 2014.  Follow me on Twitter for the hottest stock news or join my stock picks group to follow my trades.  For more information in the top stocks in 2014, visit these links - Stocks 2014 - Top Penny Stocks 2014 - Stocks to Buy 2014

Top Penny Stocks to buy in 2014

China New Borun (BORN) - China New Borun (BORN) is a penny stock to buy in 2014.  Chinese penny stocks have been spiking recently as traders buy low float penny stocks.  BORN just hit $4.40 and is back down to $2.40.  Buy BORN below $1.75, sell above $2.50 in 2014.  BORN will be a volatile penny stock over the next 12 months as traders buy and sell back and forth.

Medical Marijuana (MJNA) - Medical Marijuana (MJNA) is one of the top penny stocks for 2014 and a penny stock to watch for sure.  MJNA is currently trading around $0.13 but has these amazing rallies on heavy volume into the $0.20's.  Buy MJNA in 2014 below $0.12, sell above $0.20.  Keep repeating this!

Samson Oil & Gas (SSN) - Samson Oil & Gas (SSN) is a small oil penny stock to buy in 2014.  This penny stock can become hot at any time.  Buy SSN below $0.50, sell rallies above $0.70.

Top Penny Stocks to Watch 2014 - AMCF, WYY, BLDP, INO, GALE, FNMA, FMCC