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Monday, November 28, 2011

Ford (F) Stock Analysis - 11/28/11

By Tim -

Ford Stock Chart - The following is technical analysis on Ford Motor Company ( F ) - November 28, 2011

Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F ) Support & Resistance Levels - 11/28/11

Resistance Levels: $11.20

Support Levels: $10, $9.01

Chart -

Ford (NYSE:F) is trading around $9.90 on Monday morning. Ford Motor Co (F) will face major resistance around the $11.20 level going forward. Ford Inc. (F) has been a strong buy below $10 over the past 4 months and should bounce again. Ford Stock is a buy below $10 for the long term. If you are trading Ford in the short term, keep a stop at $8.99.

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