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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ford Motor Co. F Stock Analysis - 12/30/09

Ford Stock Chart - The following is technical analysis for Ford Motor Company ( F ) - December 30, 2009

Ford Motor Co. ( F ) Support & Resistance Levels - 12/30/09

Resistance Levels: $12

Support Levels: $9.75, $9.58, $8.52

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Ford (NYSE:F) traded slightly down Tuesday and failed to make a new 52 week high. A new high tag has formed which tells me this could be the start of a correction. However, all bets are off if Ford breaks up through $10.37.

Look for the 1o day moving average, currently located at $9.80, to be the first area of buying support for the stock. If Ford retests the 50 day moving average in the first month of 2010, I would be a buyer.

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