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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tesla (TSLA) Stock Analysis 8/28/13 August 28, 2013

Tesla Motors (TSLA) Stock Analysis 8/28/13 August 28, 2013 -


Tesla (TSLA) stock is trading near $169 in pre market this morning.  Tesla (TSLA) is one of the strongest stocks I've seen in awhile and the stock continues to have huge swings.  A lot of the gains are due to future expectations but never bet against such a disruptive company like this or you will lose big.  Tesla (TSLA) will have resistance at $173 with support between $155.  TSLA is a strong buy below $150.  Three months ago I bought TSLA at $95 and finally sold the last of my shares yesterday at $165.  I like other smaller companies like YELP, NDLS, and SCTY.

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