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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Twitter (TWTR) Stock Analysis 9/22/14 September 22, 2014

Twitter (TWTR) Stock Analysis 9/22/14 September 22, 2014 - @Stockstobuy -

Twitter (TWTR) surged into the close on Friday and hit $53.  We had options expiration and also saw money rotating over from Alibaba (BABA) into Twitter and Facebook.  There is much more growth potential in TWTR than BABA so investors likely made the smart switch.  Twitter (TWTR) will now have resistance at $53.64 next week and if broken, the next level to watch would be $56.09.  I've been saying this since TWTR crashed from $50 to $30 and can't stress it enough, Twitter (TWTR) is a strong buy on all major pullbacks.  Rarely do we get to buy such a high growth company such a Twitter.  When you look at Facebook's $200 billion market cap vs Twitter's $30 billion, we have a lot more to go over the next 3-5 years.   We will be watching TWTR and buying it in the stock picks group.

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