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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top Dividend Stocks 2013

Dividend Stocks 2013

Below is a list of some of the Top Dividend Stocks in 2013. High paying dividend stocks can boost your portfolio while you wait for the stock to move higher. You can then reinvest the dividends into your favorite companies which will spike growth over the long term. Investing in Dividend Stocks is a solid investment plan. Dividend Stocks to Buy 2013

Dividend Stocks 2013 - AT&T (T) is one of the best dividend stocks in 2013 because of It's stable growth outlook and high yielding dividend. AT&T currently yields 5.4% and is down $33.50 from $38.50. When you have such a high dividend yield going into 2013, there isn't much downside in the stock price. While you enjoy a 5.4% dividend return in 2013, I think you can catch a 10-15% gain on the stock alone. Buy AT&T (T) in 2013.

Best Dividend Stocks 2013 - Apple (AAPL) makes my list of the best dividend stocks to buy due to it's large decline in stock price. Apple (AAPL) currently yields 2.1% but I am expecting the company to hike the dividend in 2013 which will cause the stock to yield over 3%. Apple (AAPL) the stock could easily rally 20-40% as well. There are many price targets between $700-$800 for 2013.
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