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Stock Market Closing Report - 6/5/20 June 5, 2020

Monday, August 19, 2019

Top Stocks 2020

Below is a list of the top stocks for 2020.  These hot stocks are breaking out to the upside and continue to provide excellent trading opportunities in 2020.  For more information in the top stocks in 2020, visit these links - Top Penny Stocks 2020 - Stocks to Buy 2020

Top Stocks in 2020

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) - My top stock pick in 2020 continues to be GBTC.  I purchase a ton of GBTC stock in the $4's earlier this year and haven't sold.  I'm bullish on the price of Bitcoin in 2020 and this is the only pure-play bitcoin stock to buy.  GBTC can easily hit $26 per share when Bitcoin trades up to $20,000 per coin.  I'm expecting shares to double in 2020.

Small Caps Bull 3x (TNA) - Small Caps are having a hard time given the US-China Trade Deal uncertainty.  When a deal is finally stuck with China, TNA will soar again.  My long term price target remains at $100.  At $55, TNA is a cheap stock to buy for 2020.

Papa Johns (PZZA) - I love a good turnaround story and I'm betting that this will be the case with Papa Johns (PZZA) in 2020.  Shares are trading at $43 right now and I'm expecting the stock to rally into the $60's next year.

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