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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Criteo (CRTO) Stock - Buy or Sell?

Criteo (CRTO) Stock - Buy or Sell?  Buy the CRTO IPO on a break through the high of the day for a quick trade, keep a tight stop.

Criteo (CRTO) stock will IPO today on the NASDAQ.  Priced at $31 per share, the CRTO IPO priced well above the expected $23-$26 range.  This is the best news possible for an IPO

CRTO will only be offering 8.08 million shares which is a fairly low float and set up a potential pop in the stock.  When IPO's pop, they draw buzz, CRTO should draw that buzz!  When CRTO stock opens for trading, watch the low and the high.  If the CRTO IPO breaks up through the high, the stock should rally big.  I will be looking to buy CRTO on a dip after the open.

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