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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stock Analysis: BAC, INTC, NFLX, RIMM, HNSN

By Tim - Check the Top Stocks Gainers in 2011, year to date.

Below we will be doing technical analysis on BAC, NFLX, RIMM, INTC, HNSN

Bank of America Corp (BAC) - Bank of America Corp (BAC) is back trading below $7. BAC will have support located at $6.80 on the downside. BAC will now have resistance up around $7.75. BAC could have finally bottomed as the stock is putting in higher lows. Bank of America Corp (BAC) is a buy below $7.00.

Netflix Inc. (NFLX) - Netflix Inc. (NFLX) closed below $204 on Friday. NFLX stock will have resistance located at $220. NFLX will have support down at $200. NFLX is a light buy below $210. If NFLX dropped below $200, the stock becomes a strong buy.

Research in Motion Ltd (RIMM) - Research in Motion Ltd (RIMM) was downgraded on Friday and closed below $30. RIMM will have support down at $27. RIMM will have resistance located at $33. The only reason I'd buy RIMM right now would be as a takeover target.

Intel Corporation (INTC) - Intel Corporation (INTC) is trading back below $20. INTC will have resistance located at $21.20. Intel remains a strong buy below $20. INTC has support down at $19.00 right now.

Hansen Medical, Inc. (HNSN) - Hansen Medical, Inc. (HNSN) rallied back above $4 on Friday. Hansen Medical, Inc. (HNSN) received a letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (the "FDA") responding to the Company's April 2011 submission of a 510(k) pre-market notification application for its Magellan(TM) Robotic System and NorthStar(TM) Robotic Catheter. The FDA's initial response indicates the 510(k) approach is an appropriate regulatory pathway for the Company's vascular robotic system and does not include a request for additional clinical testing. The FDA's initial response requests the Company to answer certain questions regarding the application. The Company is continuing to review the FDA's requests. The timing of the Company's response to the FDA has not been determined; and, therefore the timing of the FDA's evaluation of the Company's response is uncertain.

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