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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ZipCar (ZIP) Stock Analysis - Technical Analysis

Zipcar, Inc. (ZIP) Stock Analysis 2011 - By Tim -

The following is technical analysis for ZipCar, Inc (ZIP) - August 31, 2011

ZipCar, Inc. (ZIP) Support & Resistance Levels - 8/31/11

Resistance Levels: $22.08, $25

Support Levels: $20

Chart -

Zipcar, Inc. (ZIP) stock is trading up 5% this morning after the company announced a deal for Ford (F). Under the deal, Ford will supply Zipcar with 1,000 cars for college kids to rent at college. As for ZIP stock, keep an eye on the $22.08 resistance level today. A close above $22.08 could easily take Zipcar back into the $25's and above.

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