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Stock Market Closing Report - 4/7/20 April 7, 2020

Friday, June 24, 2011


By Tim - Check the Top Stocks Gainers in 2011, year to date.

Below we will be discussing BAC, NFLX, RIMM, INTC, ACUR

Bank of America Corp (BAC) - Bank of America Corp (BAC) recently hit a 52 week low at $10.40. BAC stock will have support down at $10.40 as well as $10. BAC has been called the worst financial right now and it is certainly living up to that title. BAC will continue to be dead money until the stock closes back above $12. BAC will have short term resistance located at $11.05.

Netflix Inc. (NFLX) - Netflix Inc. (NFLX) is back pressing towards $260. NFLX stock will have resistance located at $258 as well as $260. NFLX is a buy below $220 if we see another correction.

Research in Motion Ltd (RIMM) - Research in Motion Ltd (RIMM) appears likely to break up through $30 today. RIMM will now have support down at $25. RIMM will have resistance located at $30.

Intel Corporation (INTC) - Intel Corporation (INTC) is now back trading near $22. INTC will have resistance located at $22. Intel remains a strong buy below $21. INTC has support down at $20 right now.

Google Inc. (GOOG) - Google Inc. (GOOG) is trading back below $500 as it continues to decline. GOOG should attract a lot of buying below $500 which is support and I don't see much downside from here.

Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ACUR) - Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ACUR) is surging in pre market due to the fact that Pain Therapeutics (PTIE) Pain drug was rejected by the FDA. ACUR is surging back near $4.50 in pre market.

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