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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ford Motor Co. (F) Stock Analysis 2/11/11

By Tim -

Ford Stock Chart - The following is technical analysis for Ford Motor Company ( F ) - February 11, 2011

Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F ) Support & Resistance Levels - 2/11/11

Resistance Levels: $16.36, $17

Support Levels: $15.10, $15

Chart -

Ford (NYSE:F) stock is up today after the company announced a plan to retire more of their debt. Ford (F) will need to close and hold the 10 day moving average located at $15.94. Ford will also have resistance located at $16.36 & $16.44. I continue to like Ford below $16 for the long term but won't get involved until the lower $15's and a break below $15. Based on last weeks trading, F stock has solid buying support down around $15 so this is why it made a short term bottom. Ford has a good chance of testing $17 this week if the stock market can remain strong.

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