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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stocks to Buy 1/4/10 January 4, 2010

Thursday, during regular trading hours, there were many stocks that continued to break out to the upside. Below is a list of stocks that are worth watching for January 4, 2010. Also, check out some of the biggest stock gainers of the Day. You can also find previous stocks to buy reports - Right Here

Stocks to Watch - 1/4/10 - Stock Market Investing Ideas

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ICx Technologies, Inc. (ICXT) - ICx Technologies stock continues to soar as investors speculate on a possible airport scanner contract. I would short the stock if it broke $9.31.

Origin Agritech Limited (SEED) - SEED skyrocketed Wednesday after the company released the following news: Origin Agritech Limited Announces Completion of the Second Notes Repurchase Agreement. Support is located at $11 while resistance is located at $12.87.

Adventrx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ANX) - I continue to watch Adventrx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ANX). The volume is still large so it could potentially break out again at any moment.

American Intl Group, Inc. (AIG) - The stock market sold off Friday and AIG went down with it. The close below $30 was not good so I would not be a buyer of the stock right now. I am waiting for a break above $33.

Research In Motion Ltd. (RIMM) - RIMM continues to trade in a tight range between $66.50 - $68.50. I will be buying RIMM on any major pullback. A close above $71.60 would be bullish for the long term.

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) - I like AMD as long as it remains above $9. If it falls below $9, I will look to buy between $7-$8.

Bank of America Corp (BAC) - Bank of America Corporation continues to close above $15 as we enter 2010. BAC is a great company and I plan to buy the stock on a close over the 50 day moving average ( currently located at $15.56 ).

Direxion Daily Financial Bear 3X Shares (FAZ)
Daily Finan. Bull 3X Shs(ETF)(FAS) - FAS tested $74 on Thursday and continues to close over the 10 day moving average. I am looking to go long FAS in 2010 when the stock closed back above $75. I would be buying FAZ if FAS closes below $73.50.

Freddie Mac (FRE) - Support = $1.37 - Resistance = $1.71

Fannie Mae (FNM) - Support = $1.12 - Resistance $1.20

Other Stocks to Watch - January 4, 2010

Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. (IDN)
Optelecom-NKF Inc. (OPTC)
Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc. (PPHM)
ICx Technologies, Inc. (ICXT)
Cape Bancorp, Inc. (CBNJ)
Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods OJSC (WBD)
FuelCell Energy Inc. (FCEL)
O2Micro International Ltd. (OIIM)
Vimicro International Corp. (VIMC)
Maxygen, Inc. (MAXY)
L-1 Identity Solutions Inc. (ID)
TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd. (TAT)
China Ritar Power Corp (CRTP)
Stillwater Mining Co. (SWC)
CDC Software Corporation (CDCS)
Atlas Pipeline Holdings LP (AHD)
Hutchinson Technology Inc. (HTCH)
Popular Inc. (BPOP)
Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARIA)
KKR Financial Holdings LLC (KFN)
Spreadtrum Communications Inc. (SPRD)
Silicon Storage Technology Inc. (SSTI)
Direxion Daily Real Estate Bear 3X Shrs (DRV)
Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. (NVMI), Inc. (VITC)
Satcon Technology Corporation (SATC)
First Busey Corporation (BUSE)
Vical Inc. (VICL)
Biodel Inc. (BIOD)
Acacia Research Corporation (ACTG)
Star Bulk Carriers Corp. (SBLK)
Tenet Healthcare Corp. (THC)
Sangamo Biosciences Inc. (SGMO)
EZchip Semiconductor Ltd. (EZCH)
HSN, Inc. (HSNI)
TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. (TRW)
Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. (OWW)
Sequenom Inc. (SQNM)
Athersys, Inc. (ATHX)
Kongzhong Corp. (KONG)
Hansen Medical, Inc. (HNSN)
Crosstex Energy LP (XTEX)
NovaGold Resources Inc. (NG)
UltraShort Real Estate ProShares (SRS)
Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3X Shares (TZA)
United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC)
NutriSystem Inc. (NTRI)

Penny Stocks to Watch - January 4, 2010

InfoLogix, Inc. (IFLG)
Regent Communications Inc. (RGCI)
Image Entertainment, Inc. (DISK)
Irvine Sensors Corp. (IRSN)
AMCORE Financial, Inc. (AMFI)
Opko Health, Inc. (OPK)
American Defense Systems, Inc. (EAG)
American Technology Corp. (ATCO) Inc. (DIET)
Geeknet, Inc. (LNUX)
Cardium Therapeutics Inc. (CXM)
Alanco Technologies Inc. (ALAN)
Adventrx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ANX)
GenVec Inc. (GNVC)
Active Power Inc. (ACPW)
Premier Exhibitions Inc. (PRXI)
EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. (EFJI)
Columbia Laboratories Inc. (CBRX)
Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. (ALTI)
Star Scientific, Inc. (CIGX)
Cerus Corporation (CERS)
Digital Angel Corporation (DIGA)
deCODE genetics Inc. (DCGN)
YRC Worldwide Inc. (YRCW)
Vonage Holdings Corporation (VG)
Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (PEIX)
Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SNSS)
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CYCC)
Somaxon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SOMX)
Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (CTIC)
E*TRADE Financial Corporation (ETFC)
Rite Aid Corp. (RAD)
Ambac Financial Group, Inc. (ABK)
Evergreen Energy, Inc. (EEE)

OTC Pink Sheets Stocks to Watch - 1/4/10

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David Loren Corporation (DLCR.PK)
Sparta Commercial Services Inc. (SRCO.OB)
China Yongxin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CYXN.OB) Inc. (FNDM.OB)
Polaris International Holdings Inc. (PIHN.PK)
Capacitive Deionization Technology Systems Inc. (CDTN.PK)
KCM Holdings Corporation (KCMH.PK)
Implant Sciences Corp. (IMSC.OB)
Black Dragon Resource Companies, Inc. (BDGR.PK)
Pop N Go Inc. (POPN.PK)
Point Blank Solutions, Inc (PBSO.PK)
RMD Entertainment Group (RMDM.PK)
NutraCea (NTRZ.PK)
GreenShift Corporation (GERS.OB)
Novelos Therapeutics, Inc. (NVLT.OB)
Zevotek, Inc. (ZVTK.PK)
QED Connect, Inc (QEDN.PK)
SpongeTech Delivery Systems, Inc. (SPNG.PK)
Americas Energy Company (AENY.OB)
Geovax Labs, Inc. (GOVX.OB)
Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. (QASP.PK)
Blue Gem Enterprise (BGEM.OB)
Triton Distribution Systems, Inc. (TTDZ.PK)
Patient Access Solutions, Inc. (PASO.PK)
Power 3 Medical Products Inc. (PWRM.OB)
Washington Mutual Inc. (WAMUQ.PK)
IDO Security Inc. (IDOI.OB)

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