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Stock Market Closing Report - 10/30/14 - October 30, 2014

Friday, November 26, 2010

That Will Make Next Week Very Interesting

Rob Witt

I am going to go over once again how I like to play those momentum stocks I post every day. Request any other stocks you want me to look at.  I will put them in my new Random Technical Analysis Page or just analyze them right below the video.  Continue to make requests at your leisure. Check out the new blog post I put up this past weekend entitled Trading Without Emotion. A new one will go up this weekend.

I am going to throw a plug in here for my site because in January I will be implementing a new site feature for private one on one and group lessons which will be live as I will be sharing my screen with you. Still working out bugs and making sure  I choose the right software.  Should be a great addition to the site.

I really don't like the fact that we broke a longer term support level as we closed just below the 200 week moving average. However, overshoots are common. We  will take a look at that chart and what we might expect next week.  S&P support 1197 and resistance 1205, 1210. Thanks for visiting our site and request a free trial if you want to look around. Make sure to check out our new Stocks To Watch section and the new Market Watch Page. is not run by the same individual who runs this blog. is run by Rob Witt who has been fortunate enough to be allowed to post in this great blog site.

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